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Coman Hill Elementary
Coman Hill Elementary is a vibrant K - 2 school where happiness and laughter live! We welcome our youngest learners to bring all of their wonders about the world into our school as we guide them to be confident members of the school community. Learn More
H.C. Crittenden Middle
H. C. Crittenden Middle School welcomes all learners to their adolescent journey toward independence. As students navigate through the academic, social, and emotional transition to becoming young adults, we provide the care and support as they develop respect for oneself and others, service to others, and academic excellence. We strive to prepare our students to be responsible upstanders and thoughtful global citizens. Learn More


of our 2017 Graduates were accepted to top 11% of Colleges.




Graduation Rate


AP Courses Offered


NYS Athletics Teams


Papers published from Science Research


Score 80 or better on Common Core Algebra Regents


Average SAT Score

Distinctly Byram Hills
Byram High Mascots


Average score on Common Core English Regents




Graduation Rate


Student to Teacher Ration


Athletics Teams


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In Scholarships Awarded


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Wampus Elementary
Wampus Elementary is an energetic 3 - 5 school that provides students with a foundation of emotional wellness and a growth mindset as we prepare students for their learning journey. The flexible learning spaces allow for collaboration, innovation, and increased levels of problem solving while providing appropriate challenge. Learn More
Byram Hills High
Byram Hills High School commences our students' social, emotional, and academic journey to adulthood. We prepare students to embrace the challenges of academic rigor, give students the tools to be good decision-makers, help students find their own voice as they develop their character, and ultimately, to be the leaders of the next generation. Learn More

Becoming productive and responsible citizens of the 21st Century

Today’s students face unprecedented challenges and face increasingly more complex demands. Successful students must be proficient in these five Cs of 21 Century learning. 


Students demonstrate strong character and citizenship while working with various local and global communities to make the world a better place.


Students accept shared responsibility for work and demonstrate flexibility and persistence to accomplish team goals.


Students articulate thoughts and ideas effectively using oral, written, and nonverbal communication while also being able to listen effectively to decipher meaning.

Critical Thinking

Students use their knowledge and skills to conceptualize, apply, analyze, synthesize and evaluate information from various points of view gathered from experience, reflection, reasoning and communication.



Students use various techniques to create new ideas to improve or refine systems or solve problems.