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5/1/16 Bailey Winston takes first place in Math and Computer Science for his statistical analysis of player value in Major League Baseball

Sarah Crucilla, Alex Mautner, and Jared Okun have their science research abstracts published

4/30/16 Sela Berenblum wins BRONZE at the international ISWEEEP sustainability competition for her investigation into molecular docking in emergency contraception

4/29/16 Gregory Marinaccio is recognized by ACORDA for his work on anxiety reduction through hypnosis

4/29/16 Dominick Rowan wins GOLD at the national Junior Science and Engineering Symposium for his quantification of the frequency of Jupiter-like planets

3/12/16 Twenty four seniors are award winners at Byram's first full showing at the Westchester Science and Engineering Fair

Watch Dominick's interview on Bobcat TV!

Brian Singer goes to Vancouver for the Neuroscience Research Prize

1/6/16 Five seniors are recognized as Intel STS semifinalists: Sarah Tang, Dominick Rowan, Kevin Chang, Lyndsay Siegle, and Sela Berenblum

1/6/16 Senior Garrett Wolfe is accepted by ACORDA for a radio interview about his research

1/1/16 BH has 3 of 12 top finalists in the American Academy of Neurology's Neuroscience Research Prize: Brian Singer, Sarah Crucilla, and Ryan Infante

11/15/15 Senior Dominick Rowan, a Siemens Finalist, is published in an astrophysics journal for his collaboration on determining the frequency of Jupiter analogs, and for the discovery of a previously unidentified planet.

11/11/15 Thirty nine seniors submit their work to the Intel Science Talent Search, with projects ranging from artificial intelligence, to the neurobiology of optical illusions, to why worms in your intestines are not always a bad thing.

10/22/15 Senior Alex Mautner's work on self-esteem and summer camp is accepted for presentation at the 2016 American Camp Association Research Forum in February

10/12/15 A record sixteen students submit to the Siemens Westinghouse competition. Senior Dominick Rowan becomes the first Westinghouse finalist at BH.

4/1/15 Danielle Adiletta earns FIRST PLACE at the MIT Inspire competition for her work in Women and Gender Studies

3/15/15 Alison Bidjarano becomes a Young Naturalist competition finalist

2/27/15 Gregory Carlin is invited to present his work on improving database speed to an audience of semifinalists and teachers at Facebook headquarters

2/9/15 Bessie Jiang, Ella Taubenfeld, and Alison Bidjarano advance to the State JSHS

1/31/15 The senior class prepares for the Junior Science and Humanities Symposium

1/15/15 Junior Brian Singer becomes a finalist in the MIT THINK competition for his project on utilizing EEG in assessing bruxism

1/7/15 Gregory Carlin becomes our 91st Intel Semifinalist for his work on improving database query speed

12/15/14 Christopher Hadiono and Alison Bidjarano become two of sixteen national finalists in the American Academy of Neurology's Neuroscience Research Prize

11/15/14 Twenty three seniors complete their three year science reserach projects and submit to the Intel Science Talent Search

5/2/14 BH alum David Cohen is published for his Authentic Science Research work on corneal transplantation

4 /8/14 The senior research class brings home numerous awards at the Junior Science and Humanities Symposia

1/8/14 Eight Byram Hills seniors are awarded the honor of Intel Science talent Search Semifinalist:

Samuel Cawkwell, Jonathan Giardina, Andrei Isichenko, Jessica Occhiogrosso, Matthew Percello, Amanda Tantleff, Helena Zhang, and Brian Zimmerman

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