Summer Reading 2015

At Byram Hills, we endeavor to make reading a lifelong habit that functions as an intellectual pursuit, a catalyst for self-exploration, and a form of entertainment. Operating under the principle that reading improves critical thinking skills, facilitates vocabulary acquisition, and results in a greater awareness of the world at large, the English department at Byram Hills High School maintains a summer reading requirement for which students are expected to read a minimum of two works: a required grade-level text and an independent reading selection. The grade-level text introduces themes and genres that play a larger curricular role. The independent reading selection allows students the freedom—with parental permission—to select high-interest reading material. Like our Independent Reading Initiative, the Summer Reading program seeks to provide students with a choice of reading material and build a community of readers that values cultural literacy.


Please visit the link below to view the 2015 Summer Reading requirements:

Summer Reading 2015

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