HCC Library: Downloadable eBooks & eAudiobooks
Download library eBooks onto your tablet or home computer!

Thank you to the Byram Hills Education Foundation, which provided the funding for hundreds of these eBooks via the Debra Leipman Yale Memorial Fund.  


To read eBooks on a phone or tablet with the "Destiny Discover" App:
1. First, download the free app:
2. Launch app, then select "New York" from Location menu, and enter "H.C. Crittenden" into the "Schools" box, select it from list.  
3. Check the box that says "Remember me on this device," then tap "Log in"
4. Enter your school network username (NOT your Google ID) & password, click "Submit."
5. Tap "Ebooks" or "Audiobooks" or search. 
6. Tap "Open" to begin reading, or "Checkout." To download book for reading off-line, click the down arrow (in cloud) icon. If Text to Speech is available, you'll see a "play" triangle icon next to the page number, tap to activate or adjust rate and voice by tapping on the open book icon. Tap on the Aa icon to adjust font size.
7. All checkouts (digital and print) are visible from the "Bookbag". 
To read eBooks on a Chromebook, computer, or other device's Web browser use the BobCatalog or Destiny Discover (previously called FollettShelf):
1. From the Web, go to HCC Library's BobCatalog 
2. Click "Login" and enter your school network username (NOT your Google ID) & your personal password
3. Click the "Catalog" tab.
         3a. If you know the title of the book you're looking for, type it into the search box and hit enter.
         3b. Look for the "E" symbol or the Audiobook icon in the search results, and if it's digital, click "Open" or "Play".
4. To more easily browse our eBooks & digital audiobooks, open the "Destiny Discover" view of our collection: 
         4a. Click on the "FollettShelf" button on the lower left side of screen (button will soon be renamed "Destiny Discover"). 
         4b. To browse all eBooks or digital audiobooks, click "View All" to the right of the "eBooks" or "Audiobooks" ribbon.
5. Click "Open" to begin reading an eBook, or click "Play" to begin listening to a digital audiobook.
          5a. To checkout your digital copy for two weeks, click "Checkout."
          5b. All checked out items, both print and digital, can be accessed from the "Bookbag" icon. 
          5c. Some eBooks have text-to-speech. If enabled, you will see a play button on the lower left side of the page.
6. Searching in Destiny Discover will show you both print and digital books, but you can separate them by clicking on the tabs at the top: "Books"=print; "Digital"=eBooks and digital audiobooks.
To learn more about all the features of these eBooks: 

View the instructions, presentations, and quick-start guides on this LIBGUIDE.
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