Advanced Learners

The Byram Hills School District recognizes that students develop academically, socially, and emotionally at varying rates. To meet the academic needs of all students, the District supports differentiation in the classroom where students are both supported and challenged at their academic readiness level, and where students are provided experiences that address their achievement and aptitude. All students benefit from learning together with a differentiated curriculum. 

Nonetheless, the District recognizes that advanced learners may benefit from additional instructional opportunities to learn together. To this end, the District implements a program for advanced learners to provide opportunities for peer interaction and engagement in deeper learning of content. The advanced learner program includes a “pull-out" component at some grade levels where students explore additional content and experiences that enrich their learning to address their unique readiness and potential. 

Descriptions of the ways in which the District meets the needs of advanced learners at each school building are described below. 

For more information, please contact:

  • The advanced learner teachers at the elementary schools, or the department chairpersons or directors at the secondary level.
  • The building principals.
  • Dr. Tim Kaltenecker, Deputy Superintendent
  • See Board Policy #4322