Curriculum Maps

Welcome to the Byram Hills School District’s curriculum maps. It is the desire of the district to provide a well articulated and high quality curriculum K-12 that supports teachers and parents on behalf of our students. Our curriculum maps are a result of a multi-year initiative to detail and communicate our local curriculum in each subject at each grade level. It was an enormous task, but in the end, proves to be essential in creating a coherent K-12 approach to learning for our students.

Curriculum is fluid; that is, it changes periodically throughout the year and over time as we reflect, evaluate and revise it based upon observed student data and student needs. Be assured the curriculum always targets state and national standards. Teachers will differentiate the curriculum and adjust as necessary for their students. The individual education plans for students with disabilities also require modification to curriculum, which is not indicated on the maps. Please note that every effort is made to keep the details of the maps current. However, curriculum mapping is an ongoing process. Please read the maps as an outline of skills, knowledge and understandings. The maps are not intended to be lesson plan documents.

We anticipate this document to be a dynamic tool to assist parents and teachers in their ongoing dialogue, as well as provide valuable information to teachers about transitions from grade to grade and consistency in our curriculum. Please call your child’s teacher with any questions or celebrations in our curriculum. Thank you for your support in making Byram Hills a great place to learn!

You can view the District's Curriculum Maps here.

Dr. Tim Kaltenecker
Deputy Superintendent