Elementary Curriculum

The Districts seeks to provide families with detailed information about the curriculum at all grade levels and in all courses. Course information can be found on the District curriculum maps, which are periodically reviewed and revised by faculty. 

The information below provides additional curriculum information about the programs and the frameworks that guide our elementary curriculum, instruction, and assessments. These programs have been adopted by the Board of Education and serve to guide and engage the learning experience for students. Additional locally designed curriculum may be integrated with these programs as teachers continually adapt to meet the various needs of the students in their classrooms. 

In the spirit of continuous improvement, the District engages in periodic evaluation and review of the curriculum with administrators and teachers to be certain that: 1) the content aligns to local, state, and national standards; 2) research-based and evidence-based programs and instruction are utilized; and 3) students are achieving high levels of success. This document details a four-phase curriculum review cycle used by the District.

The information below is currently being updated. If you have specific questions about your child's performance, please reach out to the classroom teacher. Additional questions about the curriculum or programs can be directed to the building principals. 

Dr. Tim Kaltenecker
Deputy Superintendent

K-5 Literacy

K-5 Mathematics

K-5 Science

K-5 Social Studies

Character Education