English Language Arts

The English curriculum at Byram Hills is aligned with the New York State Learning Standards for English Language Arts and the Common Core Learning Standards. Students learn to read, write, listen, and speak: for information and understanding, for literary response and expression, for critical analysis and evaluation, and for social interaction. At all grade levels, a mix of classic and contemporary literature is the major component through which students learn the skills associated with close reading. The writing program teaches formal expository essays, as well as many personal and creative writing modes. At each grade level, students complete research projects. Effective listening and speaking skills are promoted through lessons that actively involve students in a wide variety of class discussions and oral discourse.

In addition to the standard English curriculum, students may enroll in advanced level courses as upperclassmen. We offer English 11 AP: Language & Composition and English 12AP: Literature & Composition for students who demonstrate sufficient interest and mastery. Seniors have an additional advanced option: Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Literature. We also offer semester electives in Speech Communication (freshmen only) and Creative Writing (sophomores, juniors, and seniors).

BHHS Faculty
Francine Aber
Catherine Eshoo
Bryan Horn
David Hubbs
Megan Salomone
Jacqueline Salvato
Jessica Shaw
Duane Smith, Chairperson
Lisa Squadron
Jaclyn Wagner

HCC Faculty
Joanne Buckley
Jeanine Cappello
Kathryn Dawes
Dana Ferraro
Melinda Fuller
Kimberly Smith
Mary Staudt
Karen Vetter