The Global Scholars Program is an in-depth interdisciplinary three year program that focuses on developing global awareness, critical thinking, and leadership in our 21st century world. As part of the program, students will investigate global issues, analyze diverse perspectives, communicate ideas effectively in both English and a second language, and take action.

Students can begin the program with the Year 1 course in 10th, 11th, or 12th grade.  The only requirement to enter the program is an interest in global issues and a desire to engage in authentic learning and take action to make a difference.

Asia Society Global CompetenciesYear 1 of the program focuses on an introduction to the most significant issues facing our world today.  Unit topics for the course are drawn from the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and will include examples from current events and the recent past. Students develop global competency skills and work toward growth in mindsets and dispositions and design thinking skills that support success in the 21st century.  Students will investigate the world, recognize perspectives, communicate ideas (in English and a second language) and take action through research and authentic tasks.

In year 2 of the program students will continue to develop their global understanding and design thinking skills through group and individual authentic tasks.  They will develop an individual learning plan to investigate a global issue of their choosing. Though the utilization of design thinking they will develop empathy, conduct in-depth research and take action to address their chosen global issue. Global Scholars Mindsets

Year 3 of the course is offered for seniors who have completed Year 1 and Year 2. These students will return to the program to serve as mentors for Year 1 and Year 2 students, reconnecting with the local and global community while they continue the pursuit of their action project and second language development. These students will work on strengthening their leadership and facilitation skills, as well. As part of their leadership development, the seniors will plan, organize and present their work at the annual Vox Summit held for freshmen.