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Welcome to the English Language Arts Student Showcase, a window into the outstanding work of students in grades 6-12.

This blog will feature a vast collection of student projects, including creative writing, analytical essays, nonfiction prose, poetry, and multimodal creations that incorporate 21st-century technology and demonstrate the intersection of traditional and digital literacy.

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The English Language Arts Student Showcase is committed to highlighting the exceptional work of our students, fostering a deeper appreciation for language, and inspiring future generations.

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"Addiction" by Keira O.

During the Ray Bradbury Author Study, seventh graders wrote a creative piece inspired by the following Ray Bradbury quote: “I don’t describe the future; I try to prevent it.” They used either prose or poetry to write about a change that needed to happen in the world or issue a warning of things to come if we are not careful.

  • Poetry
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"A Phone Call" Literary Response, by Juliette R.

In the short story “A Phone Call” by Auburn Sandstrom, an idea developed is that a human’s experiences can shape or alter their perspective. For Auburn, who grew up in wealth, comfort, and privilege, her perspective of life was that of a happy childhood without many problems...

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"A Raisin in the Sun": Comparative Essay, by India E.

Life for African Americans in the 1950s was not easy. Prejudice and racial discrimination lurked around every corner in education, the work place, and especially in finances. In such a restricting time period, how could people of color find ways to pursue their dreams? What would happen to the dreams that had to be left behind?

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