Fine Arts AP Information

The Fine Arts curriculum at Byram Hills is aligned with the New York State Arts Standards and the National Core Arts Standards.  The standards are organized into four artistic processes which shape all the instructional activities that occur in our Fine Arts Classrooms.

AP Arts

The course offerings are expansive and include many introductory and high-level courses which can engage and inspire students at all levels.

The College Board Advanced Placement Art and Design offerings include three different courses (AP 2-D Art and Design, AP 3-D Art and Design, and AP Drawing).  Byram Hills has expanded its offerings, allowing students to build skills in a specific discipline.  Investigation, Experimentation, and Communication are key elements of each course.

Below is a list of Advanced Placement classes, along with some advanced courses which qualify for college credit. Most courses require 3 pre-requisite courses and/or department approval through a portfolio assessment or examination.

AP Studio Art
Pre-requisite courses: Studio Art, Drawing & Painting, Advanced Drawing & Painting
AP Studio Art Google Slide Presenation

AP Photography
Pre-requisite courses: Studio Art, Photography, Advanced Photography

AP Graphic Design
Pre-requisite courses: Studio Art, Graphic Design 1, Graphic Design 2
AP Graphic Design Presentation

AP Sculpture & 3D Design
Pre-requisite courses: Studio Art, Sculpture & Ceramics, plus 2 additional courses [Metalsmithing, Ceramics 2, Sculpture 2, and/or Ceramics Workshop]

Introduction to Film [College credits available, but not AP College Board Course]
Pre-requisite courses: Studio Art, Movie Making & Media

Digital Storytelling [College credits available, but not AP College Board Course]   
Pre-requisite courses: Studio Art, Movie Making & Media, Introduction to Film

AP Music Theory
Music Theory I or passing score on entrance exam
AP Music Theory