AP Information

The Mathematics Department is pleased to provide the following AP level courses:

AP Computer Science A

Byram Hills High School offers a rigorous course in computer science. Students taking AP Computer Science A will take the Advanced Placement exam in May. For a detailed syllabus, please visit the BH Curriculum Maps on the district homepage.

For students to be prepared for AP Computer Science A, they should take the Introduction to Computer Science course. This will prepare students in the foundations of computer programming, design and product development. Additionally, students must complete Geometry in order to have the prerequisite mathematics content for AP Computer Science A.

Students must complete and submit an application to be considered for AP Computer Science A.

AP CS Grade Requirements:

  • B in most recent math class

The AP application process is now CLOSED.  Please email Ms. Pellegrino if you would like to be placed on the waitlist.

AP Computer Science Principles

This course serves as a first-semester college course in introductory computing (no programming experience is required). The course is organized around the study of seven big ideas: Creativity, Abstraction, Data and Information, Algorithms, Programming, The Internet, and Global Impact. Students will work individually as well as in groups to explore how computing can be used to solve societal and global problems. Student solutions will include the same iterative approach to design that is used by engineers, writers, and artists. Students develop computational thinking that can be applied across multiple disciplines. Course assessments will include performance-based tasks which will serve as part of their grade for the required AP exam in May.

AP CS Grade Requirements:

  • B in most recent math class

The AP application process is now OPEN.  Please use the below link to submit your application no later than Friday, February 9,2024.

The AP application process is now CLOSED.  Please email Ms. Pellegrino if you would like to be placed on the waitlist.

AP Statistics

Byram Hills Advanced Placement Statistics is a rigorous mathematics course comparable to a first semester college statistics course. Students will take the Advanced Placement exam in May.

Students must have completed Alg2/Trig to qualify for AP Statistics. The applications link lists the prerequisite course and grades needed to succeed in this advanced placement course. Additionally, teachers will recommend students based upon their engagement with the eight qualities outlined in the "Characteristics of Success." Students who engage in these behaviors have a high probability of success in AP Statistics.

AP Stat Grade Requirements

  • C+ in Advanced PreCalculus/Calculus (00235)
  • B+ in PreCalculus 11th Grade (00239)
  • Students enrolled in the following courses must take PreCalculus concurrently:
  • B in Alg2/Trig A(00249)
  • B+ in Trigonometry/Algebra 2 (10th grade) (00237)
  • A in Alg2/Trig 11th grade (00248)or PreCalculus 12th Grade(00240)

The AP application process for June consideration is now CLOSED.  Please note that if you applied, application results are typically sent the last week of June once available space is determined.

AP Calculus AB

An Advanced Placement (AP) course in calculus consists of a full high school academic year of work that is comparable to calculus courses in colleges and universities. It is expected that students who take an AP course in calculus will seek college credit, college placement or both, from institutions of higher learning. Calculus AB is primarily concerned with developing the students’ understanding of the concepts of calculus and providing experience with its methods and applications. The course emphasizes a multi-representational approach to calculus. Concepts, results and problem situations will be expressed geometrically, numerically, analytically, and verbally. The connections between these representations are also emphasized. Students are exposed to three broad conceptual themes: 1) Functions, Graphs, and Limits, 2) Derivatives, 3) Integrals. Considerable attention is paid to conceptual understanding as well as strong computational skills. Furthermore, a large amount of work outside of class is expected in addition to participation in class discussions. Students are expected to take the AP exam in May.

AP Calc AB Grade Requirements

  • B in Advanced PreCalculus (00235)
  • A in PreCalculus (00239)

Students are admitted to AP Calculus AB through recommendation only.  Interested students should speak with their course teacher.

AP Calculus BC

The BC Calculus course is a full year course comparable to two semesters of college calculus. Students who take this Advanced Placement course are expected to seek college credit and/or placement. The emphasis of this course is on developing a theoretical understanding of the concepts of differential and integral calculus. Significant time is spent on exploring the motivation for and proof of the major theorems involved. A multi-representational approach including geometric, numerical, analytic and verbal 20 representations is used. Calculus BC begins with the study of derivatives and integrals of a single variable. This course includes all topics covered in Calculus AB plus additional topics such as: the calculus of parametric, polar and vector functions, additional integration techniques, applications of integration, and the study of sequences and series. Methods of estimation and error are explored throughout the course, beginning with limits and differentials and concluding with the study of Taylor Polynomials. The course finishes with the study of Power series and the derivation of Euler’s Equation and Euler’s Identity. Calculus BC is both an extension and enhancement to Calculus AB. Students are expected to take the BC calculus exam in May after which they will receive both a BC score and an AB subscore

Students are admitted to AP Calculus BC through recommendation only.  Interested students should speak with their course teacher.