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4/25/20: Our 20 seniors recently competed in a virtual poster presentation at the Westchester Tri-County Science Fair and the winners were just announced today at a livestream event.  We are proud of the following seniors who were awarded for their outstanding work.  With all that is happening around us, it gives us great hope and faith that our young people are highly capable of tackling challenging problems and providing inspiring solutions.

Congratulations to the following:
- Ariana Ishkanian* - Biology (and alternate to NYS Science Congress)
- Thomas Gomez - Chemistry
- Carolina Pedraza* - Physiological & Experimental Psychology (and alternate NYS Science Congress)

- Adam Zeng - Engineering & Technology

- Spencer Karp - Engineering & Technology
- Merry Mayers - Math & Computer Science
- Amanda Mackey - Clinical & Social Psychology

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Two years after her graduation from BHHS, Alexis Aberman (class of ‘18)  has had her ASR project work published in the journal Infancy. Her study on infant language acquisition was expanded by her mentor’s lab after she finished her summer research experience and their combined data was presented in this paper. Garrison, H, Baudet, G, Breitfeld, E, Aberman, A, Bergelson, E. Familiarity plays a small role in noun comprehension at 12–18 months. Infancy. 2020; 00: 1– 20.


4/17/20: In April, two of our seniors presented their research at the National Junior Science and Humanities Symposium on April 15-16, 2020.   National JSHS brings together 230 high school students who qualify by submitting and presenting original scientific research papers in regional symposia held at universities nationwide. OWEN SKRILOFF presented his work to over 20 scientists and was honored to win second place in Physical Science, which earned him a $4000 scholarship. SAM ABERMAN presented his poster in medicine and health/behavioral sciences and won first place and $550.


3/25/20:  We are delighted to announce the final winners of the 35th Annual Upstate New York Junior Science and Humanities Symposium! The following winners were chosen from 43 Speaker Presenters and 39 Poster Presenters, who represented high schools from across New York State.

Despite the unique circumstances, judges were able to review speaker presenters’ research via their papers and an audio version of their presentation.  Poster presenters submitted an electronic version of their poster along with a narrative describing the research that was showcased.  We thank our judges and presenters for their adaptability!

Speaker Final Session Winners:
2nd Place: Owen Skriloff, Byram Hills High School, “An In Vitro Evaluation of the Relationship Between Stress and Mineralization Through the Use of a Piezoelectric Barium Titanate Composite”

5th Place: Samuel Aberman, Byram Hills High School, “Facilitation of an orthogonal IL-2 system for CAR T cell therapy through the novel knockout of the human IL-2 gene”

2/1/20: JSHS WESROC Regional Fair. In the Westchester & Rockland Junior Science and Humanities Symposium (JSHS) 2020 we congratulate all of our seniors who presented their work.

Two FIRST PLACE SPEAKERS will be traveling to Albany to compete at the Upstate JSHS in March.  OWEN SKRILOFF was honored in Medical Science and SAM ABERMAN won a medal in Cellular & Molecular Biology.

In addition, two students will present posters at Upstate JSHS.  SARAH ILANY placed third in Behavior and ALLISON STILLMAN placed fourth in Neuroscience.  ALEXA MCGRATH placed fifth in Biological Science and is an alternate for Upstate JSHS.

Finally, two seniors were recognized for the posters today. TALEEN POSTIAN placed first in Behavior and AMANDA MACKEY placed third in behavior.

January 2020: The International Youth Research Conference provides an avenue for high school researchers to present their breakthroughs with their peers and the wider community. It strives to build an international network of driven students, mentors, and leaders in research. The IYRC is interdisciplinary by design: the conference allows for collaboration and connection between fields. ‚ÄčThis year, our first participating in this competition, we had three students selected to present their work at the IYRC, which will now be held this fall: Ariana Dan, Taleen Postian, and Meagan Eickelbeck.

1/8/20: We are thrilled to announce that SIX of our seniors were honored as Regeneron Science Talent Search top scholars, representing the largest number of semi-finalists in Westchester County as well as one of the top schools in the nation. Congratulations to Sam Aberman, Spencer Karp, Merry Mayers, Alexa McGrath, Carolina Pedraza and Owen Skriloff!

November 2019:  20 seniors submit their final papers to the Regeneron Science Talent Search. Their work investigates the such topics as animal self-medication, the virality of social media and the production of semi-transparent solar panels.  

June 2019:  We end the year celebrating three of our students who had their papers published.  Alan Chang's work on computational biology is published in Cell Systems.  Moses Zhang presents his paper at the American Astronomical Society's national conference and Benjamin Hammond serves as a co-author for a paper in Bioelectronic Medicine.  

6/10/19: Ethan Jacobs is one of 20 Google Science Fair Global Finalists.  He will be presenting his work at Google Headquarters in California as one of four Americans at this competition. 

6/5/19: Twenty-seven seniors graduate at the 30th annual Authentic Science Research Symposium and 58 underclassmen present their work. Alumni, Eli Kosminsky, from the class of '09, is the keynote speaker. 

6/1/19: Raquel Kanner is awarded second place in behavioral sciences at the Somers Science Fair, a county competition dedicated to sophomores.

5/17/19: Three of our seniors compete amongst 1800 students from 82 countries at the International Science and Engineering Fair in Phoenix, AZ.  Renner Kwittken earns third place for his work in translational medicine and Brent Perlman is awarded fourth place in microbiology.

4/20/19: Ethan Jacobs is announced as a Google Science Fair Regional Finalist.  He is one of 100 students recognized for this prestigious honor.  This was the first year Byram Hills Science Research students entered the Google Science Fair.

3/27/19: Our students represented victoriously at the Upstate New York Junior Science and Humanities Symposium, where both Joshua Freedman and Renner Kwittken were first place in their room and later took first place and fourth place, respectively overall, moving them on to the nationals in Albuquerque, NM in May.

3/16/19: Major awards for the senior class at the Westchester Science and Engineering Fair.  Renner Kwittken, Brent Perlman and Samantha Abbruzzese move on to present at the International Science and Engineering Fair in Phoenix, AZ in May.  Three of our seniors, Isabelle Ilan, Elyse Kanner and Emma Lucchino place in order to present at the New York State Science and Engineering Fair. An unprecedented 23 seniors come home from awards from this competition. 

2/9/19: Twenty-five seniors present their work at the Westchester-Rockland Junior Science and Humanities Symposium. Ethan Jacobs, Joshua Freedman and Renner Kwittken are awarded second place in their respective categories and will present their work as speakers at the Upstate JSHS in Albany. In addition, Jonah Schwam, Isabelle Ilan, Elyse Kanner and Emma Lucchino will present their posters in this state competition. Six other students are awarded for their presentations of their research at the Westchester Symposium.

1/23/19: Brent Perlman is announced as one of 40 National Finalists in the Regeneron Science Talent Search.  He will go to Washington D.C. in March to compete for up to $250,000 in scholarships.

1/9/19: Congratulations to our seven Regeneron Science Talent Search Scholars, Alessandra Colella, Alan Chang, Ethan Jacobs, Jonah Schwam, Samantha Abbruzzese, Rachel Chernoff and Brent Perlman. These students were honored as one of 300 national top scholars in this prestigious competition. Currently, Byram Hills has a total of 111 Regeneron/Intel semifinalists, of which 20 have gone on to become finalists.

12/4/18: Samantha Abbruzzese and Rachel Chernoff are selected as two of 15 national finalists in the American Academy of Neurology’s Neuroscience Research Prize. Rachel Chernoff is selected to present her work at the American Academy of Neurology later this year.

9/21/18: Jackson Deitelzweig is named MIT Inspire National Semi-finalist and Julia Zaborowsky is named MIT Inspire National Finalist.

9/17/18: Alexandra Brocato is recognized with a Davidson Fellows Scholarship Honorable Mention.

9/4/18: The Authentic Science Research Program welcomes 42 Sophomores for the 2018/19 academic year.

8/23/18: Ellen Amico, rising senior is selected for a Child Mind Institute Rising Scientist Scholarship.


6/13/18: Zachary Milewicz is interviewed by Lisa Wexler on her radio show as a winner of the Acorda Science Competition.

6/6/18: Thirty one seniors graduate at the 29th annual Authentic Science Research Symposium and 49 underclassmen present their work at the Annual Symposium. George Yancopolous, Chief Scientific Officer of Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, is the keynote speaker.

5/7/18: Arjun Goyal wins a second place honor and $8,000 scholarship at the 56th National Junior Science and Humanities Symposium.

4/20/18: Alexandra Remnitz presents her research at the American Academy of Neuroscience Annual Conference as the first place finalist in the Neuroscience Research Prize Competition.

3/17/18: Thirty seniors present their work at the Westchester Science and Engineering fair. Twelve students win a spot as best in category and eight students win special awards.

2/3/18: Seventeen seniors present their work at the Westchester-Rockland Junior Science and Humanities Symposium. Arjun Goyal and Jonathan Mui are awarded first and second place and will present their work as speakers at the Upstate JSHS in Albany. In addition, Dylan Mack and Kylie Roslin will present their posters in this state competition.

1/9/18: Five seniors are recognized as Regeneron Top Scholars: Alexis Aberman, Alexandra Brocato, Stella Li, Jeremy Ma and Kylie Roslin. Byram Hills High School has the largest number of scholars in Westchester County, New York. Currently, Byram Hills has a total of 104 Regeneron/Intel semifinalists, of which 19 have gone on to become finalists.

Regeneron with Latimer


12/5/17: Stella Li, Jeremy Ma, Alexandra Remnitz and Kylie Roslin are selected as four of 15 national finalists in the American Academy of Neurology’s Neuroscience Research Prize. Alexandra Remnitz is selected to present her work at the American Academy of Neurology in Los Angeles, CA.

11/15/17: Thirty one seniors submit their papers to the Regeneron Science Talent Search. Twenty-seven receive special recognition for their outstanding research report and 17 are honored for their exemplary initiative.

10/17/17: Alexandra Brocato is selected as a Siemens Semi-finalist for her bioinformatics project on the development of a disease trajectory for Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

Ali Brocato research











9/25/17: Eleven seniors submit their work to the Siemens Competition in Math, Science and Technology.