About the Program

The Science Research Program


The Dr. Robert Pavlica Authentic Science Research Program is in its 30th year. Science Research is designed for the student who wishes to pursue excellence in advanced areas of original research. Almost any topic can be researched, provided that it can be studied using the scientific method. A few recent topics have included: viral vectors, biodiesel fuel, hearing implants, dolphin intelligence, river otter tracking through environmental DNA,  confronting stereotypes, imagery in the English language, photovoltaic cells, ACL injury prevention in teens, stem cells and cardiology, xenotransplantation, human photosynthesis, and prostate cancer microbiology. Work is supervised by Byram Hill faculty as well as researchers with expertise in the specific areas of interest. During this three year research program students develop skills in bibliographic research, research methodology and modes of communicating research. Students participate in large group classes, individual meetings with the Science Research teacher, and research with a student-selected mentor at a university, medical center or research institute. The work-load for this course is very high.

Because of the individual attention provided, course registration is limited and students may not be admitted the first time they apply. Priority will be given to students who demonstrate the following qualities:

1. A sincere interest in learning about research in some area of the natural or social sciences

2. A willingness to be a self-starter and a highly motivated independent researcher

3. A genuine desire to invest a great deal of time in exploring an area of interest

Please pick up an application in room 114 at Byram Hills High School if you are interested. The application process only occurs once per year, except for transfer students.

The regular application process for 2019-2020 is now closed. Freshmen may join the for the 2020-2021 school year during class registration in early spring of 2020.

The faculty and administration are confident that success in this program will give you an impressive advantage in being proficient in the scientific process.