Social Studies

The field of social science in the 21st Century has evolved beyond acquisition of factual knowledge.  Students are expected to utilize historical thinking skills to analyze events of the past, as well as, current issues.  In order to support students in their acquisition of historical thinking skills, the social studies 6 to 12 department has been reflecting on our current approaches to teaching and learning and considering the classroom environment that best supports this significant shift.  We are creating classroom environments in which students are doing the work of historians.

The New York State Social Studies Framework and the College Board History courses have been revised in

recent years to include a strong focus on the skills of history. The standards target and the assessments measure students ability to apply conceptual understanding of history through the use of historical thinking skills.

History can be used to understand and grapple with current complex issues.  In order to do so successfully, we need to create an environment in which our students can ask questions, share their thoughts and seek answers while strengthening their historical thinking skills. To that end, the social studies department emphasizes productive classroom discussions to lead to more civically engaged and responsible students. 

The Social Studies Department, grades 6 to 12, developed this common language of historical thinking skills. Click on the image above to learn more!