NYS Seal of Civic Readiness

Seal of Civic ReadinessBeginning with the class of 2024, Byram Hills students will be eligible to apply for this distinction. The Seal of Civic Readiness is a formal recognition that a student has attained a high level of proficiency in terms of civic knowledge, civic skills, civic mindset, and civic experiences.

To learn about the Seal and its requirements, begin by watching the Seal of Civic Readiness video.

To access all the criteria and directions, review the Byram Hills High School Seal of Civic Readiness Options and Requirements.

Important Required Steps for the Class of 2024:
1. Complete the Seal of Civic Readiness Interest Declaration Form by September 15 to indicate if and when you plan to apply for the Seal.

2. Apply for the Seal via the Seal of Civic Readiness Application Form. There are three deadlines to apply: September 29, December 1, or April 26.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Dr. Jen Laden at jladen@byramhills.org or at (914) 273-7233.