Character Education

In 1998, the District’s site-based team developed a set of core values with respect to character education through surveys of parents, teachers, and students. From the survey data, the teams distilled the following principles: Respectful Dialogue; Respect for Self and Others; and Service and Kindness. These principles generated many initiatives and programs that developed these traits in our students over the following 25 years. 

In 2021, the site-based team asked the question: Are these principles still relevant today? Should we consider other character traits given the technological, societal, and educational shifts over the past two decades?

To explore these questions, the site-based team studied the research on character traits and character education, discussed priorities for supporting character development, and surveyed students, faculty, and parents. After four years of study, discussion, community engagement, and reflection, the site-based team of 2023-2024 arrived at the character traits below, captioned: Creating Citizens of the World.

Dr. Tim Kaltenecker
Deputy Superintendent