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Byram Hills is offering three Learning Lab courses for the Fall 2020 semester :)



REGISTRATION: Registration for Course 1 & 3 should be done on My Learning Plan. Registration for Course 2 should be done on the provider's website.



Course 1:  Introduction to Designing Hybrid Learning Environments

(30 Hours, 2 In-Service Credits)

10/6/20 - 11/9/20 - ONLINE Course

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic caused educators to be thrown into a situation where they had to attempt to recreate academically rigorous instruction and the social classroom structure through home-based learning. When schools reopen, they may need to introduce staggered schedules. The “classroom” needs to be designed to function effectively and flexibly in physical spaces or remote spaces. What if we could have the best of both worlds in one model? That’s our Hybrid Learning Environment! This course will prepare you for the opening of schools in fall, either in a physical classroom or online, creating a Hybrid Learning Environment that will easily address both venues.


  • Explore the unique nature and nuances of both in-person learning and remote learning.
  • Map out plans and begin to design resources for the opening of school that promote the following:
    1. Student engagement
    2. Content delivery
    3. Executive function
    4. Social and emotional learning
    5. Assessment.
  • Gain strategies and structures around 7 Attributes of a Hybrid Learning Environment.
  • Explore strategies and structures for co-teaching and the use of teachers’ aides.
  • Explore strategies and structures for addressing the needs of students with special needs, those who struggle academically, English Language Learners.
  • Develop strategies and structures to support students and parents in remote learning based on 8 Elements of Home-Based Learning.
  • Build knowledge of the capabilities of the district’s remote learning platform.
  • Create purposeful opportunities to incorporate both synchronous and asynchronous instruction in both the physical and virtual learning environment.

*Completion of this course requires a 5 Hour Independent Action Research Component*

COST: The cost for this course is $260. Registration cannot be approved on MLP until payment is received at District Office.



Course 2: Blended & Online Learning course with Catlin Tucker 

(15 Hours, 1 In-Service Credit)

10/6/20 - 11/9/20 : ONLINE Course  

Heading into the most unpredictable school year, teachers are preparing for blended and online learning in the fall. They need support taking their traditional courses and moving them into blended and online spaces.

This course focuses on how to take your offline courses blended and entirely online. The strategies presented are grounded in blended and online learning theory. This course will help teachers design a blended or online course, provide instruction online, and facilitate learning and academic discourse in online environments. 

This course will provide teachers and schools with the tools and strategies they need to be effective teaching in blended and online learning environments while creating a community of learners capable of making meaning online.

*Participants will need to register for this course on the provider's website:

*Completion of this course requires submission of a lesson plan pertaining to the course

COST: The cost for this course is $125. Participants will pay fee directly to provider at the time of registration.



Course 3:  Immersive Blended Learning w/ Sara Bowers 

(15 Hours, 1 In-Service Credit)

10/6/20 - 11/5/20 : ONLINE Course  

• Session 1: Get Going with Google Classroom
• Session 2: "The Best Teacher is Still You" - Virtual Teaching
• Session 3: Digital Lesson Design with Google Slides
• Session 4: Boosting Student Engagement with Hyperdocs
• Session 5: Fun with Flippity
• Session 6: Spice up your Synchronous Experience
• Session 7: Virtual Field Trips with Curricular Connections
• Session 8: Virtual Project Based Learning
• Session 9: Providing Students with Digital Feedback
• Session 10: Accommodating Diverse Learners Online 

Sessions will run at 4:00pm on Tuesday and Thursday every week and are 1 hour each.
The remainder of the hours will be independent online work 

  • Each workshop is hands-on and will model best practices for online instruction while teaching about the given topic/tool.

  • Participants will leave having started (or finished) a lesson/resource to use with students this school year.
    Google Classroom will be used as a home-base to connect, collaborate, and reflect throughout the cohort.

COST: The cost for this course is $130. Registration cannot be approved on MLP until payment is received at District Office.


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Attendance Expectations: Teachers are expected to attend all sessions of the course in order to receive credit. In the event a class is missed due to unforeseen circumstances, teachers may request a meeting with District Office Administration, in writing, to discuss a remedy.