Byram Hills Learning Lab

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Byram Hills is offering three Learning Lab courses for the Winter/Spring 2020 semester :)



REGISTRATION: Log in to your My Learning Plan account. Courses can be found in the District Catalog

IN-SERVICE CREDITS: Each course will run for 5 weeks and are worth 2 In-Service Credits each

*Completion of these courses require a 5 Hour Independent Action Research Component*

COST: The cost for each course is $260. Registration cannot be approved until payment is received at District Office.



Course 1: Facilitation Strategies for Standard-Based learning

2/25/20 - 3/30/20 - ONLINE Course

  • Students don't know what they don't know." (Sulla 2015) How do you get a clear sense that all students are learning? In this course, you will explore strategies to become a masterful facilitator of learning, becoming a guide in the learning process. While the standards drive the "what" of classroom instruction, teachers have power of the "how". Keeping the end goal in mind helps to select and design appropriate instructional activities for student mastery. Become a facilitator of instruction to meet the demands of standards-based curriculum and actively engage with students during their thinking process.


Course 2: Getting Started with Executive Function in Your Classroom

2/25/20 - 3/30/20 - ONLINE Course  

  • Executive function is critical to all students' academic achievement; and we now know it can be developed and accelerated. Enhance your academic lesson plans by fostering the six key aspects of executive function, intentionally building critical achievement prerequisites in students.


Course 3: Increasing Student Voice and Choice Through Differentiation

2/25/20 - 3/30/20 - ONLINE Course  

  • In this course, participants will learn research-based strategies to develop differentiated learning environments that address levels of cognitive readiness, as well as learning modalities. Participants will explore the difference between "learning" activities and "practice" activities, discover the need for authentic instruction, create a differentiated scaffold of activities to ensure all students experience "flow" and create purposeful activity lists that take all learners into consideration.  


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