Academic Teams

One of the most important structures in a middle school is teaming. H.C. Crittenden is committed to teams of teachers working with students. Interdisciplinary teaming at HCC involves four or more teachers across different subject areas (Science, English, Math, Social Studies, and a Special Educator) working with the same set of students. The complexity and diversity of middle school students require interdisciplinary teams of teachers to combine their talent and their efforts to bring about more effective educational programs for the students they serve.

There are many benefits of teaming that can be reaped by students, teachers, and schools. Students benefit from teaming with higher student achievement, an improved sense of belonging, and increased self-confidence. Teachers find that teaming leads to better communication with colleagues, ultimately yielding improved educational programs for their students. Teaming enables effective scheduling and team procedures, better coordination of tests and projects, and integrating interdisciplinary projects or team activities.

The sixth grade is divided into two teams. Each team consists of five core teachers. Students receive daily instruction in language arts skills and literature, mathematics, social studies and science. Sixth grade students rotate through an Arts Cycle that includes introductory world language, health, art, technology and guidance.

Seventh and Eighth grade students are divided into two interdisciplinary teams at each grade level. The teams from each grade have four sections of either seventh or eighth grade students. All students receive daily instruction in language arts, mathematics, social studies, science and world language. There is a scheduled Home Base period that allows for extended academic instruction as determined by the team.