Fall 2020

Byram Hills Return to Play Booklet

CLICK HERE for sport specific coaches pre season videos containing important information about the upcoming season

Quick Facts: 

  • All athletes and coaches will have their temperature checked before games and practices
  • Athlete's will need to bring their own labeled water bottle (we recommend a minimum of 40oz)
  • Face mask information can be found in the "Return to Play" booklet
  • For all information on protocols, be sure to read the "Return to Play" booklet which will be released before September 29th



Our athletic program provides opportunities for participation, growth and character development. The participation goals of our program strive to promote healthy competition that upholds the highest levels of sportsmanship and respect. Although the nature of athletic competition is to strive for victory, the number of victories is only one criterion when determining a season’s success. The development of teamwork, demonstrated sportsmanship, self-discipline and dedication are some of the greater outcomes that are achieved during a successful season.

When your child chooses to participate in one of our athletic programs, they will have to commit themselves to certain responsibilities and obligations. Making such a commitment helps to nurture integrity, pride, loyalty and overall character.

The success of our athletic program will be the result of all stakeholders working together to achieve a common goal of victory with honor and respect. Everyone has a role: Board of Education, district and school administration, director of athletics, coaches, the athletic staff, athletes, parents. When we are all positive role models of sportsmanship, we will be making the greatest contribution we can to the success of our athletic program and the success of our children.

The Byram Hills athletic program is governed by the Commissioner of Education’s basic code for extra-class activities and the Byram Hills code of student behavior. We are a member of the New York State Public High School Athletic Association in Section 1 and a member of Conference 2.

Hopefully this website will be able to answer all your questions about our program. I look forward to seeing you at the games.


Rob Castagna
Director of Health, Physical Education and Athletics



Turf Field: Fall: Varsity and JV Football, Varsity Boys and Girls Soccer, Varsity Field Hockey; Spring: Varsity Boys Lacrosse, Varsity and JV Girls Lacrosse

Baseball: Varsity and JV Baseball

Softball: Varsity Softball

Lower Fields 1 and 2:  Fall: JV Girls and Boys Soccer; Spring: JV Boys Lacrosse

Tennis Courts: Six Courts

Cross Country Course: Complete 5k course spread through the entire Byram Hills campus and uses some wooded trails

SOD Field: (Located next to the turf field) Practice field for Football and JV Girls Lacrosse

Main Gym: Fall: Varsity and JV Volleyball; Winter: Varsity and JV Girls and Boys Basketball

Lower Gym: Freshmen Basketball