Athletic Placement Process


Athletics for boys and girls is an integral part of a well-balanced secondary school educational program. Therefore, the District shall strive to provide a broad sports program, with equal access for both sexes, with emphasis on maximum participation, through interscholastic and intramural activities. The District shall review the sports program annually and report to the Board of Education.

The Byram Hill School District will adhere to the philosophy of education-based athletics with the goal to enrich the educational experience of student athletes, encourage participation and promote sportsmanlike conduct.

Student eligibility for participation on interscholastic teams must include:

  1. authorization by the school or family physician;
  2. written consent from the parent or guardian and completion of the athletic participation form; and
  3. endorsement by the Building Principal, or his/her designee, based on established rules and various league and State Education Department regulations, including those within the Athletic Placement Process for younger students.

Athletic Placement Process for 7th and 8th Grade Students


Students do not mature at the same rate, and there can be tremendous developmental differences between students of the same age. The Athletic Placement Process is a protocol for evaluating 7th and 8th grade students who want to participate in the athletic program at the high school level, provided they meet the criteria established in this policy. It is aimed at the few, select students who can benefit from such placement because of their level of readiness.

The Athletic Placement Process is intended only for the student who is truly at a level of physical and emotional maturity, and comparable physical size, fitness and sport skill that is commensurate with the level of competition that they wish to pursue. The 8th grade athlete may try out for all sports offered in Byram Hills for Freshman, Junior Varsity, and Varsity. The 7th grade athlete may try out for any non-contact sport offered in Byram Hills for Freshman, Junior Varsity, and Varsity.

All participants for the Athletic Placement Process must qualify for the appropriate level of competition. The athlete must pass physical fitness testing, sport skill evaluation and medical clearance (including maturity screening) for the appropriate level of participation in the requested sport, as established by the New York State Department of Education, and administered by the District. Achieving these standards qualifies the athlete to try-out for the Freshman, Junior Varsity, or Varsity level. The physical fitness test will only be administered a maximum of three times per athlete for the sport he/she will be trying out for.

During the try-out period, the athlete will be evaluated for physical, social, and emotional readiness as well as the athletic skill necessary to compete at the appropriate level. The athletes who are not selected to the Varsity team may be considered for a Junior Varsity or Freshmen team provided that there is an open roster spot. Athletes who are not selected for the Junior Varsity team may be considered for the Freshman team, provided that there is an open roster spot. No 7th or 8th grade athlete may take a roster spot of an eligible high school athlete on a Freshman or Junior Varsity team. All 7th and 8th grade athletes will remain eligible for participating in the Modified Athletics Program if they have not been selected for a Freshman, Junior Varsity or Varsity team.

All of the required information and paperwork for the Athletic Placement Process may be obtained from the Athletic Director. Applicants must adhere to all scheduled deadlines: the first Monday, in May (fall season), October (winter season) and February (spring season). Complete information about the Athletic Placement Process can be found in the “ABCs of HCC” and on the District website within the Athletics link. Application deadlines will be announced in the Crittenden Chronicle or other District notification prior to each season.





The District will take reasonable steps to see that physical risks to students participating in the interscholastic athletic program shall be kept to a minimum by requiring medical examinations of participants, assuring the use of appropriate equipment, and whenever possible, obtaining certified officials to officiate all varsity, junior varsity, freshman, and modified games.

No student will be allowed to practice or compete in an athletic activity if he/she is suffering from an injury, or if there is a question whether he/she is in adequate physical condition to compete. In the case of a suspected or actual head injury, a student must be removed from play immediately. A physician’s certificate is required before an athlete is permitted to return to practice or competition after sustaining an injury. The school nurse and / or athletic director will verify that a physician’s certificate was received. They may consult with the school physician, if concern remains, and in such cases the school physician will make the final decision on the athlete’s participation.

The diagnosis of and prescription of treatment for injuries is strictly a medical matter and should under no circumstances be considered a province of the coach. A coach’s responsibility is to see that injured players are referred for medical evaluation.

In recognition of the importance of appropriately managing head injuries, the Board authorizes the creation of a Concussion Management Team (CMT). The CMT will be comprised of the Director of Athletics, Coordinator of Health Services, the school trainer, the school physician and other appropriate personnel designated by the Superintendent. The CMT is charged with overseeing compliance with state training requirements, developing guidelines for use by coaches and physical education teachers and developing information for distribution to parents and students.


For further information, or if you have any questions, please contact Ted Repa or Jared Christian, the Assistant's to the Athletic Director at HCC, at (914)273-4250, extension 3645 or 3617.



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