Athletic Placement Process

The APP is used only when a middle school athlete’s athletic skills warrant moving to the commencement or intermediate sport competition level, and therefore, will be initiated by the district’s physical education director and/or athletic director and physical education staff, who recognize the student’s skill. The APP will be used either prior to the beginning of the season, so that the student athlete can participate in the try-out period, or within the timelines specified by the NYSPHSAA Promotion Rule. APP is for the exceptional athlete who can meet the requirements for the varsity level only as mandated by New York State.

Interest in initiating the Athletic Placement Process will be reported in writing to the Director of Athletics and the middle school principal. This request must be received by the first Monday of May (fall season), October (winter season) and February (spring season).

For further information, or if you have any questions, please contact David Mack or Jared Christian, the Assistant's to the Athletic Director at HCC, at 273-4250, extension 7.

APP Form