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Mission Statement: Throughout the long history of Byram Hills athletics, numerous individuals have made a significant and lasting impact on the high school. Recognizing the accomplishments of past graduates, coaches, impactful staff members and outside contributors may inspire the present and future members of the school and community to strive for higher achievements and positive involvement in the Byram Hills athletic program.

The Hall of Fame Nominee Form: Please submit nominations to Matthew Allen at mallen@byramhills.net. Be sure to leave a way to contact you. There are currently over 70 people nominated beyond those that have been inducted already.

Committee Members: Matt Allen, James Boyle, Donna Devaney, Jack Dipietro, Tatiana Goldstein, Greg Govan, Chris Knudsen, Kevin O’Callahan, Susan Roden, Scott Saunders, Lara Stangel

If interested in serving on the committee, please contact Chairman Matthew Allen at mallen@byramhills.net.

Induction Date: October 7th, 2023
Begins at the High School at 10:00 AM
Luncheon at Modern Barn at 12:30 PM

If you are interested in sponsoring the plaques for these athletes/teams, please reach out to Matthew Allen at mallen@byramhills.net or (914) 329-2864. 
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The Fifth Class: To be inducted on October 7th, 2023

Individual Inductees:
Chuck Holmes, Class of 1974 - Track, Cross Country
Bill Fallon, Class of 1977 - Basketball, Tennis
Courtney Carter, Class of 1991 - Swimming
Hayden Morris, Class of 2007 - Soccer
Phil Cawkwell, Class of 2007 - Track, Cross Country
Max Kasak, Class of 2007 - Track - Cross Country
Beatriz Williams, Class of 2012 - Basketball, Volleyball

Team Induction:
2006 - 2007 Relay Team 
Ryan Diorio, Max Kasak, John Granada, Nick Fasano, Gerald McDonald, Phil Cawkwell, Mike Sass, Andrew Zahornacky

2015 Boys Baseball Team
Matt Milone, Nick Schaefer, Nick Sapone, Jonathan Kaiser, Jake Stuckleman, Ben Selkin, Brian Schoenfeld, Nick Contillo, Michael Aberman, Kellen Hatheway, John DiMarco, Greg Giuliani, Jonathan Lattarulo, Matt Gertz, Frankie Vesuvio, Kevin Wietsma, Anthony Russo, Thomas Gagliardi, John Spadafino, Val Amorosana

Lifetime Achievement Award:
Mike Gulino

The Fourth Class - Inducted in 2022 / The Class of 2022 Program w/ Bios

Individual Inductees: 
Nick Marchica, Class of 1968 - Soccer, Basketball, Track
Steve Dwyer, Class of 1968 - Soccer, Baseball
Bobby Dwyer, Class of 1970 - Football, Basketball, Baseball
Beth Downey, Class of 1981 - Field Hockey, Basketball, Tennis
Brett Gober, Class of 1983 - Soccer, Basketball
Sara Gutstein Rome, Class of 1986 - Lacrosse, Basketball, Tennis
Cara Griffin, Class of 1991 - Soccer, Basketball
Justin Pinkham, Class of 1992 - Basketball, Football

Team Induction:
1978 Basketball Team
Paul Aronson, Conrad Bringsjord, Joe Cosenze, Gordon Detler, David House, Bill Kelly, Terry McSpedon, Chris Murphy, Kevin O'Callahan, Scott Sipple, Adam Gutstein, Andy Thomson, Ted Virtue, Matt Walsh, Bob Woods, Larry Salko (MGR), Coach Bob Croke

HOF Lifetime Achievement Award: 
Bob Croke

The Third Class – Inducted in 2018 / The Class of 2018 Program w/ Bios

Individual Inductees:
Doug Virtue, Class of 1977 - Lacrosse, Football & Basketball
Ted Virtue, Class of  1978 - Football, Basketball & Tennis
Marcia Cohen Proto, Class of 1980 - Track, Basketball & Volleyball
Brian Morris, Class of 2001 - Soccer
Robert Delaski, Class of 2002 - Track and Football

Team Induction:
1982 Boys Lacrosse Team
Steve Bellantoni, Roger Bradford, Mark Cavallar, Domenick D’Angelica, Marty Durkin, Kevin Fay, *Nick Gagliardi, Billy Gay, Willy Kelly, Pete Love, Kevin Minicus, John Richardson, Greg Rogers, Greg Schildwachter, Greg Sipple, Mark Sorbella, Ricky Taylor, Eric Turk, *Paul Varsames, Paul Vettoretti, Rob Vettoretti, Skip Winston, Chris Yaroscak, Mike Young

Coaches: Rich Caputo, Bob Croke, Dick Holzer
Athletic Trainer: Kathy Knudsen Boggan

Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement Award:
Rich Caputo

The Second Class - Inducted in 2016 / The Class of 2016 Program w/ Bios

Individual Inductees: 
Karen Hemberger Hughes, Class of 1976 - Gymnastics
Laura Hemberger Cashmore, Class of 1976 - Gymnastics
Ron Knox, Class of 1977 - Basketball
Nick Gagliardi, Class of 1982 - Football, Wrestling, Lacrosse
Dan Cherico, Class of 1983 - Soccer, Baseball
Greg Rogers, Class of 1984 - Football, Lacrosse
Paul Watson, Class of 1987 - Swimming
Don Rogers, Class of 1988 - Football, Basketball, Lacrosse
Francine Ward, Class of 2003 - Track & Field

Team Induction
1988 Boys Football Team
Josh Dorfman #1, Matt Muller #17, Chris Tateo #22, Chip Meakem #30, Jon Stenzler #32, Andrew Guida #36, Mike Furgiele #37, Lou Cherico #44, Noah Young #51, Mike Verzello #53, Tal Etstein #56, Rob Anderson #57, Jason Venner #64, Paul Alfarone #65, Brian Princiotta #68, Chris Pinkham #73, Peter Brofman #74, L Johnson #78, Justin Stein #81, Glenn Ackerman #86, Jon Bernstein #87, Jason Wright #89

Coaches: Rich Caputo, Bob Croke, Dick Holzer
Athletic Trainer: Kathy Knudsen Boggan

The Inaugural Class - Inducted in 2015 / The Class of 2015 Program w/ Bios

Individual Inductees:
Barbara Liebowitz-Bettigole, Class of 1974 - Basketball, Field Hockey, Track
Kevin O’Callaghan, Class of 1978 - Football, Basketball
Nancy Fay-Peter, Class of 1981 - Track, Soccer, Basketball
Marty Durkin, Class of 1982 - Football, Basketball & Lacrosse
Matthew Muller, Class of 1989 - Football
Abigail Gutstein, Class of 1992 - Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Basketball
Michelle Suozzi Verzello, Class of 1995- Swimming
Pamela Crikelair Garrity, Class of 1997- Skiing, Field Hockey
Gregory Simonds, Class of 2002 - Soccer, Track

Team Induction:
2007 Boys Soccer Team
Jordan Pollack, Justin Engle, Evan Waldenberg, Andrew Erlic, Paul Baumann, James Murphy, Kevin Gallagher, Alex Galasso, Patrick Vierengel, Tyler Andreozzi, Nicholas Curran, Brendan Fischer, *William Ogden, Greg Shaheen, Josh Weiner, Stephen Goldring, William Gevertz, Mike Lippert, Jon Gottlieb, Nick Poulton, Jake Brodlie, William Shaheen, Mike D’Angelo, Mike Szczesniak, *Brian Myers,* Stephen Paresi, Coach Matt Allen, Coach Graham Kennett