Health & Wellness Advisory Committee


The Byram Hills School District believes that the academic success of our students is linked, in part, to proper nutrition, appropriate physical activity, and social-emotional wellness. To support this belief, the District seeks to promote student health and wellness through our health education and physical education curricula, our food services program, and our school practices.

The Health and Wellness Advisory Committee, chaired by the District Wellness Coordinator, will participate in the implementation and periodic review of the Wellness Policy. The Committee shall monitor and review the District’s wellness activities to determine the extent that schools are complying with this policy, how it compares to model wellness policies, the progress made toward attaining the goals District’s goals, and whether this policy is having a positive effect on increasing student wellness and decreasing childhood obesity in the District. Based on the results, this policy, and the specific objectives set to meet its goals, may be revised as needed. Any recommended changes will be included in the three-year assessment report to the Board of Education.


  • District Wellness Coordinator - Rob Castagna, Director of Health Education, Physical Education, and Athletics
  • Two administrators, one from the K-5 schools and one from the middle or high school
  • One health or physical education teacher from each school
  • The high school health teacher
  • One guidance counselor or administrator
  • One school nurse
  • The head of the school food service program
  • One parent from each of our schools
  • Two high school students
  • Two community members

Wellness for Life

Recently, high school students had a unique opportunity to learn about the ins and outs of their school cafeteria. They were able to gain insight into where their food comes from, how it's selected and priced, and how Chartwells is working to break free from the stigma associated with school lunch. During the visit, students were encouraged to ask questions and share their input for future lunches. This experience allowed students to see firsthand the hard work and dedication that goes into creating nutritious and delicious meals for their school community. By engaging with the students and opening up the conversation, Chartwells is paving the way for a new era of school lunch that is both healthy and enjoyable for all. A big thanks to Vinnie! - Kathleen Healy, SWAC Advisor and Wellness for Life Teacher




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