Byram Hills Brings Timeless Story of “Little Women” To The Stage

Louisa May Alcott’s timeless tale of the March sisters growing up, finding love and finding themselves came to Byram Hills High School as The Varley Players performed “Little Women.”

The play, presented in three shows on Nov. 17-18, told the story of sisters Jo, Meg, Beth and Amy March living in Massachusetts in the 1860s.

The story spans several years and includes trips to New York, Washington, D.C., and Nice, France. As the characters found and lost love and experienced sickness, death and marriage, a range of emotions and feelings was brought to the stage by the talented cast.

The students delivered a strong performance of the period piece, paying close attention to the diction and nuances of the era. The play was dialogue-heavy with many monologues, and the actors, in their suits and sweeping skirts, rose to the challenge.

“The students did such a deep dive into their characters and really understood them, were passionate about them and fell in love with them,” director Meg Waxman said. “I’m incredibly proud of all of the cast and crew members who worked so hard and were so committed to the play.”  

The production was staged by students in all four grades, with 22 in the cast and another 20 in the crew. Students enjoyed the experience and worked together like a family, showing care for each other and the production.

“The best part of the show was the community of the cast and the crew,” said Samara Brown, a senior who played Jo. “Being able to put on the show with some of my closest friends, and also being able to meet new people, was a really special experience.”

“The show is about a family and it felt like we were creating our own family alongside the family of the show,” she added.

Senior Isabella Rivalsi, who held the role of Meg, said the students all worked well together.

“Everyone cared,” she said. “Everyone cared a lot and knew what their character was doing and knew how their character’s relationships with another one’s worked.”

“I’m very happy it was my senior show,” she said, adding that she enjoyed being able to mentor her younger castmates. “I was very proud of it. Everyone did amazing.”

Little Women 1

Little Women 2

Little Women 3