Health Services

The Health Services Department of the Byram Hills Central School District supports the belief that children who feel healthy and safe are better prepared to engage in their educational program and to be successful students. The Health Services Department operates under the direction of Jill Boynton, the Director of Special Services and Health Services. Each school has a Health Office staffed by a highly trained Registered Nurse. The elementary schools each have a full-time Health Aide who assists the nurse with student care and clerical responsibilities. In addition, the School Physician, Louis A. Corsaro MD, is available for consultation when necessary.

The School Nurses have many important responsibilities which include: responding to staff and student emergencies, delivering first aid, assuring that students with acute and chronic illnesses are able to participate in their school program safely, completing mandated New York State Health Screenings, serving as members of the Committee on Special Education when appropriate, education and training of the school community on health-related topics, and promotion of a culture of health and wellness in their schools.