Support Staff Openings

Custodial Worker (Night) - Byram Hills High School
Full-time night custodian, hours are 3:00PM-11:30PM. The pay begins at $54,942.01 annually with full benefits. Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume to: Steve Thompson at  (posted 5.24.21)

Health Aide - The Coman Hill School (Grades K-2)
Effective 9/01/21, 10 months/180 days per year, $28.41 per hour with full benefits. Must hold either a Licensed Practical Nurse certificate or Registered Nurse certificate. Interested candidates should apply on OLAS no later than 6/01/21. (posted 5/18/21)

Candidates should apply using the On-line Application System unless otherwise noted.

Competitive Support Staff Openings are governed by Westchester County Civil Service rules. When positions become available, the Byram Hills School District canvasses the list provided by the Department of Human Resources. Follow the link below to those offices if you would like to download an application for an exam and view upcoming test dates.

Westchester County Department of Human Resources