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District News

Six Byram Hills High School Students Selected  as Regeneron Science Talent Search Semifinalist

Byram Hills High School is proud to announce that six members of the class of 2020 have been recognized as semifinalists in the Regeneron Science Talent Search.  These students were chosen from a pool of 1,993 students, from 659 high schools, across 49 states, and 8 countries.  This is one of the most prestigious science and math competitions in the nation. Byram Hills High School led all of Westchester County with six semifinalists.

Regeneron awards each semifinalist and their school $2,000 to support ongoing research.  In January, Sam Aberman, Spencer Karp, Merideth Mayers, Alexa McGrath, Carolina Pedraza, and Owen Skriloff will have the opportunity to become one of 40 finalists of the Regeneron Science Talent Search.

Titles of the six Byram Hills semifinalists Regeneron Science Talent Research Projects are:

BHHS 2020 Regeneron SemiFinalistsSam Aberman: “Facilitation of an orthogonal IL-2 system for CAR T cell  therapy through the novel knockout of the human IL-2 gene.”

Spencer Karp: “A step towards energy-efficient infrastructure: A weekly supervised approach to energy signal labeling in commercial buildings.”

Merideth Mayers: “An evaluation of network-informed disease transmission parameters for the California puma population.”

Alexa McGrath: “An investigation of the medicinal value of the baboon diet: A comparative study across five species and six study sites.

Carolina Pedraza: “Heightened anxiety in children and adolescents with tic disorders.

Owen Skriloff: “An in vitro evaluation of the relationship between stress and mineralization through the use of a piezoelectric barium titanate composite.”

The Regeneron Science Talent Search was founded in 1942 and is considered the oldest contest of its kind.  It provides high school students an opportunity to present original research on scientific topics of their choice.  This competition focuses on engaging motivated and promising young scientists who are looking to help solve societal and global issues.

2020 Kindergarten Registration

Kindergarten Registration for 2020 is taking place March 9th, 10th, 11th and March 18th  and 19th.  Please note that a child entering Kindergarten in September 2020 must be five years old on or before December 1, 2020.

Registration packets will be mailed on February 21, 2020.

To receive a Kindergarten Registration packet, please visit www.byramhills.org, and under “District News” click on “2020 Kindergarten Registration

Every parent/guardian will need to go online to request a registration packet.  This includes parents who already have students at Byram Hills as well as anyone involved in the CPSE process.  Please submit your online information as soon as possible but no later than February 10, 2020. 

*** If this is the first time you are registering a child in the District, you will be required to establish proof of residency at the District Office before your scheduled registration appointment.

Music Area All-State Honors Ensembles

The Department of Fine Arts is proud to announce 13 BHHS Orchestra, Band, and Choir students who have been selected to perform in the Westchester County Area All-State program. The selection process in Westchester is very competitive, as applicants are ranked and chosen based on their New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA) scores from the previous year. Students selected spend two evenings rehearsing with other student musicians from all over the County. The festival culminates with a day-long rehearsal and a final performance at the SUNY Performing Arts Center.

BHHS Music Area All-Staters
BHHS Area All-State Performers: 
Amelia Chung – Violin
Emery Cohen – Bass
Mark Fakler – Tenor Sax
Christina Ferrari – Violin
Rebecca Frieden – Soprano
Cyrille Jousse – Trombone
Caroline Kelly – Flute
Tom Lombardo – Alto Sax
Elena Lowe – Oboe
Nora Lowe – Tuba
Seth Morrison – Trumpet
Jake Wild – Tenor
Alison Zeng – Flute

Parents as Reading Partners

Research often shows that learning does not begin and end in the classroom. Parent involvement is extremely important to early literacy and future academic achievement. 

“PARP stands for Parents As Reading Partners,” said Raina Silver, Chairperson of PARP.  At Coman Hill, the entire school read the same book that was chosen by the PTSA in collaboration with Principal, Mrs. MaryBeth Crupi.  Parent volunteers visited each classroom to read the book, facilitated a guided discussion, and conducted activities planned around the theme of the book. “The goal was to choose a book that aligned with age-appropriate, school-wide objectives,” Mrs. Silver said.

Parents reading to Coman Hill students.This year the book was The Recess Queen by Alexis O’Neill.  “It tackled the issue of bullying and friendship while providing a positive lesson of choosing kindness.  This book helped our students learn about regulating emotions and the basic act of being kind to one another,” Mrs. Crupi said.  It also reinforced Coman Hill initiatives like Kelso’s Choice, The Buddy Bench, and the District-wide goal for emotional wellness.

Students listened intently as PTSA parent volunteers from each class read the book in their child’s classroom.  During discussion time, every grade had something to offer and students participated eagerly in all of the activities. For example, kindergarten students were asked to draw their favorite character from the story by using their imagination.

“This year’s topic focused on friendship and how to be a good friend. I think PARP was a good way for parents to have that dialogue with their children,” said Mrs. Silver.

The students were buzzing with enthusiasm as they spoke of the book and its important themes.  “The children absolutely loved PARP,” said Mrs. Crupi.  “This is just one example of how the PTSA helps support us academically, emotionally, and socially.  We are so grateful for their assistance in creating the home/school relationship for the betterment of our children.”

Twenty Byram Hills High School Seniors Are Inducted Into Cum Laude Society

Twenty Byram Hills High School seniors were honored for their academic achievement as they were inducted into the Cum Laude Society during a ceremony on Thursday, October 24, 2019.

Byram Hills High School Principal, Mr. Christopher Walsh, pointed out the importance of the event for three main reasons.  He said, “First, it allows us to focus on and celebrate these students whose GPA are within the top 10% of their class.  Next, we get to honor faculty members who are being inducted into Cum Laude and gain inspiration from their remarks. Finally, inductees have invited teachers who have had a positive impact on their learning and this tradition represents the best of Byram Hills.”

Mr. Walsh continued by sharing that the class of 2020 was special to him because they were incoming freshmen the year he started as Byram Hills High School principal.  The first time he met with them that year, he asked them to write down on index cards something special about themselves.  Mr. Walsh salvaged the inductees’ index cards and read their responses to the audience.  Along with their academic growth over the years, the cards demonstrated tremendous growth in the inductees’ character, personalities, and identities.  
The faculty addresses were given by high school math teacher, Mr. Chris Lewick and Social Studies Chairperson, Ms. Jen Laden, who were inducted into the Cum Laude Society during last year’s ceremony.

Mr. Lewick delivered his address in the form of an audience participation song with an impactful message - Create your own opportunities, never set limits and enlist all the people you can in your life.

Ms. Laden offered the following advice, “My wish for the honorees is that you can experience learning opportunities that help you to develop empathy and that you never lose the desire to engage with others.”

Dr. Sandra Abt, Chapter President of the Byram Hills Cum Laude Society, said, “Perspective will help you become happier, more successful and more self-fulfilled. Try new things and don’t judge in advance.”  Dr. Abt closed by saying, “Your future lies before you - make the most of it.”

The two 2019 staff inductees were English teacher, Ms. Lisa Squadron and Byram Hills Superintendent, Dr. Jen Lamia.

The students inducted into Cum Laude were: Samuel Aberman, Christina Ferrari, Victoria Ganeles, Benjamin Hammond, Madison Higgins, Kallie Hoffman, Sarah Ilany, Spencer Karp, Caroline Kelly, Alison Lehman, Elena Lowe, Ella Manners, Meredith Mayers, Isabelle Nelson, Dominic Picca, Arielle Ragals, Bryan Roden, Allison Stillman, Reese Tateo and Michael Vaquero.

Cum Laude Inductees

The Cum Laude Society is a nonprofit organization founded in 1907 to recognize scholastic achievement in secondary schools. Today it has over 350 chapters.