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19 Byram Hills Seniors Inducted into the Cum Laude Society

Cum Laude Inductees 2020-2021Nineteen Byram Hills High School seniors were honored for their academic achievement as they were inducted into the Byram Hills Chapter of the Cum Laude Society during a virtual ceremony on Thursday, October 22, 2020.

“This ceremony allows us to recognize the students whose GPA’s are within the top ten percent of their class,” said Byram Hills High School Principal, Mr. Christopher Walsh. “They arrived there through hard work, perseverance, grit, and the support of their families.” 
The faculty addresses were given by high school English teacher Mrs. Lisa Squadron and Byram Hills Superintendent Dr. Jen Lamia, who were inducted into the Cum Laude Society in 2019.   
“I urge you to reflect on the positives these unprecedented educational experiences have given you,” said Mrs. Squadron. “Focus on what you have gained and what you might want to retain.”  
Dr. Lamia offered a personal prescription for how to find and develop oneself in uncertain times.  She said, “Think about other people, learn how to talk to people by being a better listener, take another’s perspective, stop complaining, and learn how to express yourself.  You have given Byram Hills your best - and should be very proud.”  Dr. Lamia continued, “Start to build your own personal prescription, so that someday you can feel good knowing you found your passion, your purpose, your people, and yourself.”

Dr. Sandra Abt, Byram Hills Cum Laude Chapter President, said, “Perspective should shape how you look at things.   If you respect perspective, you will be happier, more successful, and make better decisions.”

The 2020 faculty inductee was Byram Hills High School Social Studies teacher, Mr. Thomas Andriello. 
The students inducted into Cum Laude were: Lauren Amico, Jordyn Bernard, Zachary Binder, Luke Briody, Olivia Canter, John D’Avanzo, Talia Dinstein, Mia Dittrich, Kristin Eickelbeck, Calvin Fontaine, Paul Lestz, Elizabeth Manowitz, Noam Molloy, Kathryn Petlyuk, Tessa Schwartz, Ariel Sheinberg, Drew Siskin, Chloe Weissman, and Alison Zeng.

The Cum Laude Society is a nonprofit organization founded in 1907 to recognize scholastic achievement in secondary schools. Today it has over 350 chapters.