District News

Byram Hills High School is rolling out the red carpet for the Class of 2019, throwing a new festive prom send-off for the seniors.

The entire Byram Hills school community is invited to the inaugural prom reception at the high school on June 13 at 5 p.m. The event will feature a balloon arch in Byram Hills colors, a DJ, a step and repeat where students can strike a pose and students will walk the red carpet in style.

“We hope that as the kids arrive back at school dressed to the nines, the community, as well as parents, siblings and friends can all join in the excitement of this monumental event,” Principal Christopher Walsh said.

“We want all the students to experience the thrill of this event together,” he said. “We want to make the night as special as possible for them and we want to make sure the event is connected to the school.”

After the hour-long reception, students will board luxury buses and head to the Glen Island Harbour Club in New Rochelle, where the prom will be held from 7 to 11 p.m. Afterward, the students will be transported back to the high school.

The prom reception, the new venue and the requirement that students get to and from the prom on the luxury buses all combine to improve the prom experience for the seniors.

“This new prom should offer a much safer experience for all of our students,” Mr. Walsh said, adding that students and a parent had to attend a prom safety meeting.

“We hope all of our students have an amazing time at this milestone event.”