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Global Scholars Students Support Human Rights

First-year students from the Byram Hills Global Scholars program made a shift from last year’s in-school art installation on Yemen human rights, to a virtual art show on the conflict and abuse in Myanmar.

The tenth-grade students studied the injustices taking place in Myanmar as part of the quarter-long unit on human rights. “One objective of this assignment was to teach students about getting the word out and taking action. Art is one way to do that,” said Kim Gewitz, Social Studies/Global Scholars teacher.

“We have worked on other ways to demonstrate support including podcasts, editorials, and volunteering, but agreed on art as the form for students to express themselves for this project,” said Lisa Squadron, English/Global Scholars teacher.  “We discussed famous paintings, photos, music, videos, short stories, and poems related to human rights so students would think about how to use their own creativity and talents to defend or promote human rights.

As a result, students presented powerful art projects ranging from drawings, graphic design pieces, an original piano composition, and even a project that was baked in an oven.

The culmination of the unit was a virtual art show edited to an impactful music track with the message to support and celebrate human rights in the country of Myanmar.

Myanmar Digital Art Show