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Marketing & Media Students Hit It Big With The eByram Blitz

Although times are different, members of the Byram Hills High School Marketing & Media Club are developing some very inventive and informative original content.  The E-Byram Blitz is hosted and produced by a talented group of Byram Hills High School students and has been receiving great attention.  “I love how the Blitz connects and reaches the whole school.  Everybody on the Blitz team is great to work with, and I love the content we produce,” said Markian Nychka, Co-President.

Ansh Arvati, Drew Krevolin, Jesse Wild, Evan Weiss, and Brian Zhang are the program’s team members and co-hosts, and Markian Nychka and Matthew Marinozzi are the club’s co-presidents and co-producers.   "The Blitz is so great,” said Evan Weiss, Co-Host and Blitz Producer. “I love all my co-hosts, and talking about stuff we love makes it 1000 times better."  Together they collaborate on all aspects of production, including research, scripting, coordinating, conducting interviews, filming, and editing. These students do it all.

The team saw an opportunity to outline what was happening in athletics during the pandemic and provided a venue for athletes to speak candidly about their experiences.  “I am extremely proud of these students,” said Brian Melso, Byram Hills High School Marketing & Media Club Advisor. “Their dedication to the club, the Byram Hills Athletic program, and their craft is remarkable and a wonderful asset to our school community. Wrapping on an episode is always a great feeling for the team, but seeing 1,000+ views across our social platforms knocks the experience out of the park.”

Aside from producing more Blitz episodes, the team is excited to begin live streaming and commentating on winter and spring athletics. 

Please view the most recent episode: