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Regeneron Science Talent Search Semifinalists

Byram Hills High School is proud to announce that six members of the class of 2020 have been recognized as semifinalists in the Regeneron Science Talent Search.  These students, Sam Aberman, Spencer Karp, Meredeth Mayers, Alexa McGrath, Carolina Pedraza, and Owen Skriloff were chosen from a pool of 1,993 students from 659 high schools, across 49 states, and 8 countries.  This is one of the most prestigious science and math competitions in the nation and Byram Hills High School led Westchester County with six scholars.

Byram Hills High School Regeneron Science Talent Search SemifinalistsTitles of the six Byram Hills semifinalists Regeneron Science Talent Research Projects are:

Sam Aberman: “Facilitation of an orthogonal IL-2 system for CAR T cell therapy through the novel knockout of  the human IL-2 gene.”

Spencer Karp: “A step towards energy-efficient infrastructure: A weekly supervised approach to energy signal labeling in commercial buildings.”

Meredeth Mayers: “An evaluation of network-informed disease transmission parameters for the California puma population.”

Alexa McGrath: “An investigation of the medicinal value of the baboon diet: A comparative study across five species and six study sites.”

Carolina Pedraza: “Heightened anxiety in children and adolescents with tic disorders.”

Owen Skriloff: “An in vitro evaluation of the relationship between stress and mineralization through the use of a piezoelectric barium titanate composite.”

The Regeneron Science Talent Search was founded in 1942 and is considered the oldest contest of its kind.  It provides high school students an opportunity to present original research on scientific topics of their choice.  This competition focuses on engaging motivated and promising young scientists who are looking to help solve societal and global issues.  Regeneron awards each semifinalist and their school $2,000 to support ongoing research.