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Great News About Byram Hills Science Research Students

Two Byram Hills High School seniors in the Authentic Science Research Program participated in the Junior Science and Humanities Symposium (JSHS).  The competition was originally scheduled to take place on March 25-26th at SUNY Albany. The organizers of the event altered the format of the competition so that students could present their work virtually.  Owen Skriloff (Physical & Computational Science) and Sam Aberman (Biochemistry) were awarded first place in their respective “rooms” during the initial round of the program.

Their initial success enabled them to present to a panel of experts who judged their work against other students from across the state.  Owen Skriloff placed second in the state and Sam Aberman placed fifth.  Owen’s performance has landed him a $1500 scholarship from the US Army, Navy and Air Force.  Owen and Sam will now move on to compete at the national level.

Stephanie Greenwald, Director of the Authentic Science Research Program said, “It is times like this that should make us feel confident that our future is in capable hands.” Sam’s work on CAR t-cell therapy could lead the way to innovative cancer treatments; while Owen’s work brings us closer to an implant that would treat osteoporosis, as well as aid in healing broken bones through the piezoelectric properties inherent in all human bodies.  

In a separate competition, three seniors have been selected to participate in the International Youth Research Conference this fall at Harvard University. This conference provides an avenue for aspiring high school scientists to present their research within a wider community including eminent teachers, scholars and industry professionals.

Congratulations to Meagan Eickelbeck for her work on dog allergens, Taleen Postian for her work on emotional intelligence and political opinion, and Ariana Dan who studied sustainable fashion.

The Dr. Pavlica Authentic Science Research course enables students to perform authentic, original scientific research in an independent manner throughout a three-year program.