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Coman Hill Elementary School Sends Heartfelt Messages

In a time when many of us feel helpless or isolated, the second graders at Coman Hill Elementary School found a heartwarming way to stay unified and positive.  Messages of thanks were sent with love to the healthcare workers in the Byram Hills School community.

Teachers and students created a slide-show presentation of thank-you messages and sent it to the local medical community through email and social media platforms.

The project was accomplished through remote learning and was a great example of how students, working apart, could complete a cohesive and impactful task from separate locations. “They used our current situation as a way to teach writing for a purpose,” said Mrs. MaryBeth Crupi, Coman Hill Principal.

Students drew colorful, cheerful notes expressing their gratitude which were then compiled into a five-minute slide-show. 

Teachers and parents of the second graders sent the tribute to their personal doctors and other local healthcare professionals, in hopes that the message would extend deep into the community.

Joseph Lentz, a second-grader, said “I feel thankful that so many people are helping other people. I am happy that I have a chance to tell them that.”

Amisha Thakral added, “It made me feel like I was helping those that are helping others to smile.” 

“We felt the assignment started a conversation between the students and their parents about the role of healthcare workers in our community and why they are working so hard to help keep us all safe,” said Ms. Lily Li, Coman Hill second-grade teacher.

Principal MaryBeth Crupi said, “I am so proud of our teachers and how they have utilized our school closure to create a wonderful opportunity for student instruction and how it seamlessly integrated into our e-learning.