District News

2019-2020 Teacher Recognition Awards

Four Byram Hills educators, one from each school, were honored for receiving the 2019-20 Teacher Recognition Award during the June 22nd virtual Board of Education meeting.  “Byram Hills has been presenting this award since 1981, and has maintained the tradition, now totaling 139 teacher recipients,” said Dr. Jen Lamia, Byram Hills Superintendent.  “This recognition is for a particular contribution or service that is beyond the scope and bounds of a teachers’ performance.”  The following remarks are excerpts from each of the principal nomination letters to the Superintendent.

Coman Hill, Ms. Lily Li
“An outstanding teacher is someone who has passion, compassion, and courage,” said Ms. MaryBeth Crupi, Principal of Coman Hill.  “Ms. Li has all of these characteristics, times ten, which makes her such a notable educator. Ms. Li has perfected what it means to have high standards while also having compassion for her students. Her compassion comes in the form of teaching the skills necessary to have perseverance with academic pursuits, as well as navigating the social terrain in second grade. Ms. Li teaches problem-solving skills, so her students are successful in all aspects of life.  She is an outstanding educator -  passionate, compassionate, and demonstrates courage regularly. We are so fortunate to have Ms. Li at Coman Hill.”

Wampus, Ms. Katie Constantine
“Katie’s care and compassion for children matched with her passion for the arts, create a dynamic learning experience for all children in the Creative Art Space,” said Mrs. Peggy McInerney, Principal of Wampus. “Her level of care for every child is awe-inspiring. She was part of the vision for The Creative Art Space built during the 2019-2020 school year and worked collaboratively with all stakeholders to allow the space to be shaped and molded into what it is today. Katie has modeled the core values that are part of the fabric of Byram Hills. She is part of a collaborative problem-solving team, and she is dedicated to continuous improvement. Katie is always there to lend a hand, greet you with a smile, step up, and help a friend, she is a true asset to our school, our District, and our community.”

H. C. Crittenden, Mrs. Melinda Fuller
“Mrs. Fuller’s students and colleagues have been her priority since she started
at H.C. Crittenden. This has been exemplified in the lessons and units she has developed through extensive collaboration and commitment to professional development,” said Ms. Kim Lapple, Principal of H.C. Crittenden. “The 2019-2020 school year has proven to be unique but this has not deterred Mrs. Fuller from keeping student-centered learning the driving force in her work. Mrs. Fuller has engineered an environment that fosters student reflection and embraces the concept of student growth.  As E-Learning took place at H.C. Crittenden, Mrs. Fuller’s care for her students was exhibited in her pursuit to provide rich, robust learning experiences. Mrs. Fuller’s students have learned to question, analyze, and realize that they each have an important perspective to contribute.”

Byram Hills High School, Mr. Peter Lichten
“At the beginning of this year, it would be difficult to predict the impact that Peter’s work would have on our school,” said Mr. Christopher Walsh, Principal of Byram Hills High School. “A few years ago, he dedicated himself to learning and mastering robotics. Peter saw how it sparked interest and the ability to reach students through different pathways. Peter is a teacher who knows when to support students and when to let them figure things out on their own. In a world that too often asks for perfection, Peter’s classroom is a refreshing mix of failures, trials, errors, and successes. He helps students see those failures for what they are; opportunities.  When the building shifted to remote learning, Peter was a tremendous source of support for students, faculty, and staff through technology needs and by offering countless professional development sessions. Peter is a true professional, lifelong learner, and exemplifies the best ideals of our District.”