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Armonk Chamber of Commerce Honors Ira Schulman and the BHEF as Citizens of the Year

The Byram Hills School District is proudly celebrating a pair of honors from the Armonk Chamber of Commerce.

With a focus on education, the Chamber named Byram Hills Board of Education member Ira Schulman as its 2019 Citizen of the Year and the Byram Hills Education Foundation as its 2019 Organization of the Year.

The Chamber noted that Mr. Schulman, who has lived in Armonk since 1987, has been a longtime leader and volunteer in various organizations. He is the longest serving member of the Byram Hills Board of Education, with 20 years of consecutive service and seven of those years as Board President.

Armonk Chamber of Commerce Award Winner  Ira Schulman

Armonk Chamber of Commerce Award Winner - Ira Schulman

“Ira Schulman exemplifies the strength of our community as a Board of Education member for the past 20 years,” Superintendent Dr. Jen Lamia said. “He has selflessly given our District and greater community his time, care, and expertise, and we are all appreciative. He is commended and revered for his service to this community.”

The Chamber noted that the Byram Hills Education Foundation has provided $4.6 million in grants to the District over the past quarter century that have funded creative programs and equipment that go beyond the District’s annual budget. The Foundation has awarded more than 300 grants that have benefited thousands of students. The projects funded by this not-for-profit organization, the Chamber said, have helped the District maintain its academic excellence.

Armonk Chamber of Commerce - BHEF Board

Armonk Chamber of Commerce Award Winnrer - BHEF Board

Dr. Lamia saluted the Foundation and its Board of Directors, which consists of parents in the community who dedicate their efforts to developing innovative grants.

“Our 1:1 Chromebook rollout, 21st century library renovations, a K-12 Wellness Initiative, and robust Insta-Grants are among the initiatives that have helped to create a distinctive Byram Hills education for all children,” she said.

The Chamber of Commerce will celebrate the 2019 Citizens of the Year with a golf outing and dinner at the Whippoorwill Club on May 14.