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Byram Hills Approves Tenure for Two Byram Hills High School Teachers

The Byram Hills Board of Education has granted tenure to two educators at Byram Hills High School, special education teacher Ally Dellacioppa and Jonas Kalish, who teaches math.

2019 Tenure Candidates: Jonas Kalish and Ally Dellacioppa

2019 Tenure Candidates: Jonas Kalish and Ally Dellacioppa

The tenure appointments, approved by the Board on June 11, take effect in late August.

Superintendent Dr. Jen Lamia noted that being awarded tenure is not the time for teachers to rest on their laurels.

“It’s the point where you have made a serious commitment to be a part of something that is going to grow and expand over time and reach people in different ways that you didn’t know that you could,” Dr. Jen Lamia said. “I think that our two tenure candidates really exemplify that.” 

Mr. Kalish, who came to the District with experience at Stuyvesant High School and Blind Brook High School, was drawn to Byram Hills for its cutting edge professional development, Dr. Lamia said. He is eager for feedback, collaborates with colleagues and asks to observe their classes. Mr. Kalish supports strategies to minimize students’anxiety and has a warm and calm demeanor that puts everyone at ease.

Ms. Dellacioppa’s level of engagement with her students after school matches her strong commitment to her students in her classroom during the school day.

As an educator who has taught Resource Room for grades 10-12 and Regents English, Ms. Dellacioppa is also a part of the Skills/Learning Center and the Flexible Support Program.

“At any given day, you can go to Ally’s classroom after school, and if kids are coming, Ally is there,” Dr. Lamia said. “Any opportunity that kids have to see her outside of school, they are doing it. She is providing math instruction, and providing support to kids in every one of their content areas in the high school.”