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Byram Hills Tenured Teachers and Administrators

On June 9th four Byram Hills teachers and two administrators received tenure.  This year’s teachers included Andrew Benowich, Kim Gewitz, Deena Horvath, John Van Alstyne, and the administrators were Kristen Sautner and Christopher Walsh.

“Our tenure candidates have made a commitment to the Byram Hills community and that commitment is to remain lifelong learners,” said Dr. Jen Lamia, Byram Hills Superintendent. “That means reinventing yourselves as educators and leaders to make sure you are meeting the needs of our children.”

Andrew Benowich goes beyond his role as a special educator and embraces content area and District initiatives.  Examples of his work can be seen in the seventh-grade Monologues and the Legislative Process Project.

Kim Gewitz has many years of experience as a special educator and a social studies teacher.  She brings perspectives on instructional approaches and strategies to work with all types of learners. 

Deena Horvath, a school psychologist at HCC, was hired because of her vast knowledge in her field. She embraces the clinical model of teamwork, maximizes a positive support system, and manages many difficult issues.

John Van Alstyne, a special education teacher at HCC, values academic success and emotional wellness. He cares about developmental readiness but keeps his standards high.

Kristen Sautner, BHHS Assistant Principal, has helped evolve the organization.  She is currently studying for her doctorate degree at Manhattanville College and routinely applies her understanding of organizational theory to Byram Hills High School.  

Christopher Walsh, BHHS Principal, is a leader whose direction starts with a vision to maintain rigor while focusing on the health and wellness of our students.  Mr. Walsh finds the problem, looks for solutions, and gets results.  From Challenge Success, to studying the Master Schedule, to integrating new high school courses, and more, Christopher is simply exemplary.

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