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The board approved tenure for Mary Brady, a special education and reading teacher at Wampus Elementary School, and Jessica Shaw, an English teacher at Byram Hills High School; and for administrators Robert Castagna, the District’s director of health, physical education and athletics, and Deepak Marwah, the District’s director of fine arts. Jill Boynton, the District’s director of special services, was tenured earlier this year and recognized with her tenure class Tuesday night.

“Tenure means a commitment,” Superintendent Jen Lamia said. “Through extensive observations and extensive collaborations, the District feels confident not only in what you’ve done, but what we think you will continue to do for the children of Byram Hills. Each one of you has exemplified, for me, how collaboration with colleagues supports our kids.”

Byram Hills 2018 Tenure Class


The Byram Hills Board of Education has granted tenure to five educators this year who were recognized at a meeting on June 5, 2018. They are, from left in the back row, Robert Castagna, the District’s director of health education, physical education and athletics; Jessica Shaw, English language arts teacher at Byram Hills High School; and Jill Boynton, the District’s director of special services. In front from left, Mary Brady, special education teacher at Wampus Elementary School; and Deepak Marwah, the District’s director of fine arts.

Mrs. Brady began her Byram Hills career as a reading teacher and now teaches in a special education class. She’s the primary English language arts and math teacher for one group of students and supports two general education classes for science and social studies.

“You had to work closely with so many teachers and you’ve really done well,” Ms. Lamia said.

Ms. Shaw started as a high school teacher, was transferred to H.C. Crittenden Middle School and then returned to Byram Hills High School.

“Each time, not only have you collaborated with colleagues, but you have been that teacher that students seek out,” Ms. Lamia said. “They tell us time and time again that they want you. Having observed your classes, I know what they are thinking. I know it’s because you can reach students at all different levels and with all different passions, and that’s very special.”

Mr. Marwah was hailed for his deep collaboration with colleagues throughout the District in the areas of art and music. “Collaboration for you has really meant listening to your teachers and responding to them in an effort to support a really cohesive department of professionals,” Ms. Lamia said. “Each time, your results are just outstanding and Byram Hills has become a school to watch and model because of Fine Arts.”

For this year alone, Mr. Castagna has made great changes to the physical education, health and athletics for students, Ms. Lamia said, citing a few new sports programs. “You had a vision and you understood that you needed partnerships for that vision and that has been the focal point for your success,” she said.

Addressing the newest tenure recipients, Ms. Lamia said that every successful teacher and administrator in the Byram Hills School District practices reflection, refinement and revision.

“I see you reflecting, refining and revising as you move forward, and that’s going to be the hallmark to your success here and benefiting our children for a long time,” she said. “I’m glad to see you here at the beginning of a long journey for all of us.”