Why Byram Hills?


Byram Hills Central School District, a public school located in Armonk, NY, the heart of Westchester County, provides students with a whole child approach to learning and thriving. We balance high rigor opportunities with intensive support.


Byram Hills has a robust community that is committed to build the leaders of the next generation. We leverage learning opportunities to foster leadership development so all students see them self and act as leaders inside the school and beyond. By supporting the 5 Cs (Creativity, Communication, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, and Community) we deliver a structured curriculum that can adapt to meet the needs of 21st century learners.


Our programs build character and enhance problem-solving abilities in our students through student direct learning activities. In a student-directed learning environment students reach their individual potential using state of the art technology, facilitated by a skilled and innovative staff, using applied learning techniques and collaboration. We believe that Arts and Athletics are important parts of a well rounded program. Our science research programs are regularly ranked as one of the top of the country.


Building Leaders...

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The Arts

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The Byram Hills athletic program fosters the growth and character of all particpants. The goals of our program strive to promote healthy competition that upholds the highest levels of sportsmanship and respect. Bobcat logo
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Authentic Science Research

The Authentic Science Research course enables students to perform authentic, original scientific research in an independent manner. This three-year program, beginning in grade 10, affords students the opportunity to participate in the community of scientific research and scholarship as part of their high school experience. This course encourages students to work in conjunction with research scientists and professional within their field of research.

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