Extracurricular Activities and Clubs

See below to learn more about joining, upcoming events and contact information about BHHS clubs.
Please contact Colleen O'Connor, Assistant Principal, or the faculty advisor with questions regarding any of the clubs.

Academic Team

Club Description: This club is all about knowing random facts and having lightning reflexes. Two 4-person teams sit across from each other and listen as a moderator reads from a packet of questions. Each student has a buzzer to ring and answer the question. Questions may be about physics or politics or the Emmys—you never know. The Byram Hills Academic Team participates in many types of competitions. First there are your basic MACC and WACKO competitions with 4 rounds per game: Toss-up, Bonus, 60 Seconds, and Stump the Experts. As a plus, these competitions offer donuts or bagels to the students. Then, there is the NAQT with bonus questions and exciting topics dealing with current events. Sound fun? Well, it is. New members are always welcome.

Contact Information:

Advisor: Mr. Martin Gilbert mgilbert@byramhills.org

Practice: Every Tuesday and Thursday in room 415, from 2:30 to 3:30 PM

Arch (Yearbook)

Club Description: Students involved in this club take on the responsibility for producing the Arch yearbook. Students have the chance to assume leadership roles as editors, writers, designers, photographers, and business managers, while collaborating with other students to plan and create content, meet deadlines, and interact with students, parents, administrators, and community members. Staff members also have opportunities to go to national journalism conferences at Columbia University and workshops elsewhere to learn cutting-edge trends in both print and digital journalism.

Please be on the lookout for email blasts pertaining to important dates and deadlines for the 2020 book!

For questions regarding school pictures, contact Lifetouch/Prestige Portraits: 800-426-9533

Adviser: Ms. Amy Menasche

Upcoming Meetings/Events:
Meetings are held every Monday and Thursday after school in Room 308 (Mac lab) from approximately 2:45-4:00, with extended hours as necessary. Students can join any time during the year!

Astronomy Club

Club Description: If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to really see the rings of Saturn, the cloud belts around Jupiter, or the Moon so close that it seems like you could reach out and touch it, come and join us for an observation session. The club meetings are weather-dependent and are posted on the club bulletin board near room 209. Activities include planned observations, telescope use and maintenance, astrophotography and movie night.

Meetings: The first Friday of each month in Room 328.

Co-Presidents: Josh Freedman and Moses Zhang

Advisor: Brittany Tompkins

Byram Beat

Description: Byram Hills' only acapella club is open to all students regardless of training or experience. The Byram Beat is a non-auditioned vocal group which rehearses after school on Tuesdays and performs periodically throughout the school year.

The goal of the club is to provide an all inclusive singing experience to those interested in acapella singing and to prepare and perform selections from popular music.


Advisor: Mr. Piali


Cultural Exchange Club

To promote knowledge and acceptance of diverse heritages outside of Armonk and the US, through recreational and educational activities

Club Times: Club meets every other Tuesday after school in Room 203.

Advisor: Ruben Torres

Student President: TBD
Vice President: TBD

Speech and Debate Team

Team Description:
Students work together to learn basic speech and debating skills, researching and writing casework to compete in local, regional and national tournaments which include a variety of Speech (Oratory, Interpretation, and Extemporaneous) and Debate  (Lincoln-Douglas and Public Forum) events. The team meets every Tuesday and Thursday, with an additional work at home to prepare for the weekend debate tournaments that run Saturdays, with many events beginning Fridays, and continuing into Saturday.

Meeting Times:
Tuesday - 2:30-4pm; Thursday - 2:30-4pm

Please confirm meeting times with Captains

Contact Information:
Head Coach: Thomas Andriello
Assistant Coach: Mr. Sam Azbel
Assistant Coach: Mr. Devon Weiss

eNable Club

Club Description: If you are interested in giving back to your local community through innovative biomedical engineering, join the eNable club! eNable club members collaborate with the Cerebral Palsy School of Westchester, working in teams to design and 3D-print devices that will change another person’s life. Don’t worry if a 3-D printer is completely foreign to you- you will learn how to operate one, creating objects with computer-aided design (CAD) software (i.e. Onshape). Join this club and eNable yourself to make a difference with science!

Upcoming Meetings/Events: The eNable club meets in Dr. Beeken’s room, room 329, every Wednesday from 2:30 to 3:30. New members are always welcome!

Advisor: Paul Beeken


Film Club

The after-school Film Club gives all students (at any level and interest) the opportunity to work together and make short movies.

Many of our movies are specifically made for film festivals & online-media contests. Our meetings include fun short, hands-on workshops on how to write stories, act, direct, sound record, as well as how to best use music, organize productions, editing, and animation. We also watch great short films for discussion & debate.

We usually meet on the first Tuesday of the month from 2:30 – 3:00, in room 420. We also have a scheduled weekend, movie shoot the second weekend in November (Friday night, 7 AM - 11:30 PM, Saturday 8 AM-5 PM, and Sunday 8 AM-5 PM). We create an entire movie; start to finish - in only 48 hours!

2018 -2019 President: Evan Miller

Advisor: Mr. Chuney

Future Legislatures Club

The future legislatures club is the perfect place to learn about and analyze current events in our nation and around the world. As a member of this club, you will have the opportunity to participate in activities that may include: debating as your favorite candidate, drafting bills to solve issues that our facing our country, calling your representatives about policies that you are passionate about, and respectfully discussing current events with your peers. Because this is a bipartisan club, you will be exposed to perspectives that you may never have considered and will work on developing your own beliefs. New members are always welcome!

President:  Ali Lehman
Vice President:  Aidan Cogan and Alyson Kaplan
Advisor: Ms. Squadron
Meetings are held every other Tuesday in room 213


GSA: Gender and Sexualities
Alliance Club

Club Description: The goal of the Genders and Sexualities Alliance Club (GSA) is to improve the environment and the community at Byram Hills. We strive to educate and spread knowledge and awareness about the issues that have an impact on gay, lesbian, straight, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth. We want this club to represent the best of Byram Hills--respect for others regardless of who they are. Help us create a more welcoming school here at Byram Hills!

Contact Information:

Advisor: Jonah Piali

Meetings: Most Monday's after school in the library tech lab or room 222.

  • Prideworks Conference in the Spring
  • Day of Silence
  • No Name Calling Week
  • Anti-bullying education

Green Team

Club Advisers: Courtney Bogren and Allison Miller

Meeting Times:
Every Monday from 2:30-3:00, plus other days and times to get things done.

The Green Team is a passionate group of students dedicated to improving the environment and advocating for positive change and improvement with our school’s sustainability practices. Our primary goal is to upgrade the school’s recycling system and inspire our peers to recognize the need for positive change. We understand how crucial it is to lessen our environmental footprint on the world and we believe the best way to do this is to make it more convenient and widely accepted to be mindful of our environment.

This year, the Green Team is focusing on:

1. Plastic water bottles; we buy & use too many at BHHS (encourage our school community to use non-plastic reusable bottles and refill them here)

2. Improve our recycling system and encourage all to recycle properly

3. Eliminate car idling in the parking lots

As a team we pledge to make a difference. Will you?

Habitat for Humanity

Contact Information:
Co-Advisor: Matthew Allen and
Jessica Shaw

Upcoming Meetings/Events:

The Habitat for Humanity club meets bi-monthy with announcements coming via the Habitat Faceebook page and/or Remind.com. The club meetings are usually to discuss upcoming builds in the area. Just recently, the Habitat for Humanity club worked on the construction of a building in Chappaqua that will be made into a two family home for two low income families. Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization that aims to help the less fortunate through volunteer efforts.

Harry Potter Club

Merlin’s Pants! A Harry Potter club in a muggle high school? More likely than you’d think. This is a club where all fans of Harry Potter can come together to discuss the wonderful Wizarding World. Our meetings will include book discussions, character analysis, wizarding baking and lots of other ideas. We occasionally put on bake sales to help charities close to Harry Potter. We meet on Tuesdays (can be flexible), biweekly. New members welcomed at any time! Contact Mrs. Nardone or either of the club presidents, Taleen Postian and Lilian Rolfs, for meeting dates and more information if you're interested!

Meetings: On Tuesdays, Biweekly

Club advisor: Mrs. Nardone

Club presidents:
Taleen Postian & Lilian Rolfs

Harvard Model Congress


The Harvard Model Congress provides students with the opportunity to become more informed and productive citizens of the 21st century. At the Harvard Model Congress, students assume the roles of Senators, Congressman, and other vital roles within American government. It is the goal of the Club to help students understand the importance of informed citizenry in a more nuanced way than the classroom alone can provide. Through government role play and civic involvement, it is also the goal of the Club to promote lifelong individual growth and learning through group activity in a manner which is fun, instructive and engaging.

Faculty Advisor: Matthew Allen

The 2018 Harvard Model Congress will meet once a month on Tuesday afternoons starting on October 9th. The President for this club is Zach Cogan. Please reach out to him if you would like to learn more about the club. The Model Congress is slated to leave for Boston during the February Break of 2019. Please top by Room 411 if you are interested in attending.

Helping Young People Excel

Club Description: The purpose of Helping Young People Excel is to develop an awareness, understanding, and connection between Byram Hills High School students and members of the community who have special needs. Each year, HYPE hosts four events to foster this connection. Byram Hills students plan appropriate activities that entertain, encourage, and support developmentally disabled children and adults. Members who have participated throughout high school develop strong connections with the guests. This experience allows Byram Hills students and the guests to expand their understanding and acceptance of all individuals.

Contact Information:

Advisor: Katherine Lewis 273-9200 (x4640), klewis@byramhills.org
Assistant Advisor: Ms. Julianne Rentz, jrentz@byramhills.org

Upcoming Meetings/Events:

See Ms. Lewis in Room 410 about joining the Google Classroom for club announcements!


Club Description:

The Interact Club is a community service club affiliated with the Armonk Rotary Club. The goal of the Interact Club is to provide young people with fun, meaningful community service opportunities while developing their leadership and interpersonal skills.

The Interact Club supports a number of organizations through its fundraisers. In the past, we have worked with the Boys & Girls Club of America, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital, Child’s Play, the Pulsera Project, Team Rubicon, PolioPlus, and more. Additionally, every year, the Interact Club holds a Halloween Party at the North Castle Public Library in which younger children participate in Halloween festivities.

The Interact Club is always looking for new members. If you have an interest in any of the causes we support or genuinely enjoy helping people in need, feel free to come to one of our meetings.

Meeting Times: Every other Monday at 2:30-2:40pm

Meeting Location: Room 108

Advisor: Mr. Edward Eagle

Math Team

Club Description: The goal of the BHHS Math Team is to provide a venue in which students who enjoy math can participate in a competitive manner (while eating donuts) with other mathletes sharing this interest on the school, county, state and national levels. Westchester Interscholastic Math League (WIML) meets are held once a month and involve competition between 67 teams from 28 Westchester/Putnam school districts. These competitions are held in smaller subgroups and rotate among three to four neighboring high schools. The final meet is held at White Plains High School and involves all participating districts. Students leave BHHS at 2:30PM for away meets and typically return between 4:30PM and 5:00PM.

The top scorers in WIML competitions go on to represent Westchester/Putnam at the state level at the New York State Math League Meet in April. Here, in addition to individual competition, students have the opportunity to work as a group on Team and Relay Questions.

Contact Information:

Advisor: Mrs. Fran Roby froby@byramhills.org

Upcoming Meetings/Events: Practices are held on Monday from 2:30 to 3:30 PM in Mrs. Roby’s room 423. Internet/mail competitions are held in the building and are used primarily as practice for the WIML meets. Information about meets will be broadcast to all those concerned.

Marketing & Media Club

Brian Melso & Gabriella Medrano x4506

Club Presidents
Matthew Marinozzi, Markian Nychka

Join our Google Classroom!

Club Description: The Bobcat Media & Marketing Club is perfect for students who have interests in digital marketing, media production, social media, communications, and design. We work as a marketing and production studio where each student has the opportunity to take on different roles to create content and marketing campaigns. Students learn to work as content creators, graphic designers, marketers, talent, and team members. We constantly have projects in production, so students can jump in and help when their schedules allow.

This year we are focusing on:

  • Original video content creation such as The Byram Blitz

  • Group Marketing Brainstorming sessions to help advocate and advertise for other clubs or events

  • District-based marketing/media projects

  • Individual or group workshops based on student interest such as: Knowing Your Target Audience, How to Reach Your Target Audience, Platform Usage, Photoshop, Video Content during a Pandemic, Video Editing, Front End Web Design, Graphic Design, and more.

Mock Trial

Club Description: The Mock Trial Club is an association that looks at debatable cases of law that have been settled in the Courts of America. Both sides of a case are presented through evidence, witness affidavits, evidence and case law. The students who participate break down the case and act as lawyers and witnesses representing the two sides of the case. Here, students learn how to debate and how to put forward a case for their particular side: prosecution or defense. The Club participates in two competitions during the year including a county-wide tournament in March. Here, twelve to fifteen members of the club are selected to put on the case at the Westchester County Courthouse in front of a real judge in a real courtroom. If you are interested in learning more about the law and want to participate in lively debate, mock trial is certainly the club for you.

Contact Information:

Advisor: Mr. Martin Gilbert mgilbert@byramhills.org

Upcoming Meetings/Events: The club starts up in late November and meets one night a week for one and a half hours through the Spring. It is a major time commitment as it gets closer to competition time and case law homework sometimes applies. Typically, the club meets on Tuesday nights to discuss the parameters of the case.

Model United Nations

Club Description:
This club is a group of academically minded students who have a global view when they solve problems. Students in this club have the opportunity to prepare for and participate in a four day Harvard Model United Nation simulation in January at Harvard University. Students in the A.P. Human Geography elective class will be given the first opportunity, and after that the club will be open to other students with high grade point averages in their social studies classes.

At HMUN, delegates gain insight into the workings of the United Nations and the dynamics of international relations by assuming the roles of UN representatives and members of other international bodies and national cabinets. HMUN is an exciting opportunity for students to debate issues that confront world leaders and to draft resolutions in response to these global issues. Participants will develop their abilities to work with others who are equally motivated and passionate about the topics of debate and to respond to global concerns.

Contact Information:

Advisors: Joanna Lewick

One World Club

Advisor: Evan Horowitz

Meeting info: Second Tuesday of every month from 2:30-3:00pm in room 310

Club Mission: We aim to provide many opportunities for students to become proactive and responsible citizens by participating in or attending charity events and fundraisers that raise awareness and funds for various local organizations in need.

Club events/activities:
  • Bake Sales
  • Candycane-o-grams
  • Mother’s Day Plant Sale
  • Cooking brunch for the Ronald McDonald House
  • 3rd Annual Car Wash
  • Town Clean-Up at the high school
  • 10th Annual Benefit Concert/Talent Show

Outdoor Adventure Club

Club Description:The Outdoor Adventure Club is an organization designed to create opportunities for its members to appreciate the great outdoors and its many wonders. Club members are faced with outdoor challenges both as individuals and as a group. Each member is encouraged to understand the importance of responsibility for self and others and being dependable, especially in the outdoors. The club also participates in many community events, such as Veteran’s Appreciation Day as well as environmental cleanup days across Westchester County.

Contact Information:
Faculty Advisor: James Gulick, John Clark

Upcoming Meetings/Events:
The Outdoor Adventure Club meets after school as necessary to prepare for the following scheduled events:

Peer Tutoring Club

The Peer Tutoring Club's goals are to set students who are struggling with their classes with older students who know the material. Teachers are given the list of those who are registered with the club to review their expertise. Then, when the recommendations come in, I randomly assign them a tutor.

Advisor: Matt Allen
2018 Co-Presidents:
Ellen Amico, Alessandra Colella and Isabelle Ilan

Meeting dates and duration:

The Group Meets Once A Month for 15 Minutes or So. Most of the connections were made using the Google Drive. This is the sample set up between myself and the group. This email would go to the Tutor and the Tutoree. Here is how we contacted the students:

Peer Tutoring application for Tutors

Peer Tutoring application for Students

Red Ribbon Club

Club Description: The Red Ribbon club is dedicated to raising awareness and money to combat the HIV/AIDS epidemic raging in our country and in the world. This is a group of civic minded students.

Contact Information:
Faculty Advisor: Joanna Lewick

Upcoming Meetings/Events:
The group meets every other Friday in room 413 to organize for different events. Especially important to the group are World AIDS day in December, the flag project in April, and the AIDS walk in New York City on the third Sunday in May.

Robotics Club

Club Description:

For the 2018/19 academic year the Robotics Club will meet after school on the first and third Mondays of each month. The club provides opportunities for members to explore the fields of robotics and engineering. Club members will be informed of special events or changes to meeting dates and/or times via the club's Google Classroom. Students interested in participating should contact the club advisor or club president.

President: Ben Stanzione
Contact Information:
Advisor: Eric Savino

(Students Advocating Gender Equality)


Hopes to foster awareness of gender bias and to promote tolerance of feminism, and its ideals. All genders are welcome!

Advisor: Francine Aber

Science Olympiad

Club Description: The Science Olympiad C division is open to high school students from 9th to 12th grade. Students compete in three general categories of events for all disciplines of Science. Some events are purely knowledge-based, consisting of a written exam testing students in specific areas. Other events are hands-on, requiring students to assemble or dissect objects during the actual event. Still others are engineering-based: students are expected to build operational systems beforehand to be tested during the actual event. Of course, some events combine elements the previous three, so be prepared for anything.

In the 2009 season, as a first year team, Byram Hills took the Regional competition by surprise, finishing in third place with 7 medals in 16 events and qualifying for the State competition at West Point. That was the first time in the 25 year history of Science Olympiad that a first-year team has done so. At the West Point state competition, Byram medaled in 4 events and came home with the coveted Best New Team Award.

Since then, Byram Hills has returned to States five more times. In accordance with our push forward with STEAM initiatives, we will be having two teams at the Regional competition which will be once again, hosted by Byram Hills High School.

It is our hope to continue growing and cultivating a love for all fields of Science and the Scientific method of discovery. If you have any questions, please be sure to contact any of the senior members of the club or our advisor.

Contact Information:

Advisor: Mr. Horowitz

Upcoming Meetings/Events: Meetings are held on Thursday in room 313. The date of the regional competition is February 11th, 2017.

Social Advocacy Clubs

The Social Advocacy Club is an umbrella club for several different groups that exist independently from each other but focus on one specific social issue. The clubs can change every year based on student interests. This school year the following clubs are part of Social Advocacy:

  • Alzheimer's Awareness
  • Autism Speaks
  • Learning Links
  • Pleasantville Cottage School
  • Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital
  • March of Dimes

Upcoming Meetings/Events: Meeting times and events vary. Please e-mail Ms. Dellacioppa to become added to the Social Advocacy google classroom to stay informed about all upcoming meetings and events.

Students Serving Soldiers

Advisor: Mr. Gulick


  • Raise awareness about the sacrifices servicemen and women make
  • Send care packages and letters to warzones to provide support and make their deployment a little bit easier
  • Raise money for wounded servicemen and women that can be used to make rehabilitation easier
  • Raise money to support the families of fallen servicemen and women

Organizations to Work With:

  • OSOT: Operation Support our Troops
  • Operation Gratitude
  • Westchester County Department of Veteran Affairs

Ways to reach our goals:

  • Bake sales
  • Collect supplies
  • Volunteer at events that support veterans
  • Visit wounded warriors

Co-Presidents: Alyson Kaplan and Caroline Kelly


Are you interested in helping students remain stress-free and thrive at Byram Hills? If so, the Student Wellness Advisory Committee (SWAC) may be the right club for you. We create and organize events which promote positive ways to deal with our emotions and improve mental health. Our largest event of the year is Wellness Day, where we invite professionals to speak about the most pressing issues affecting students. In addition, they provide new and different ways to cope with any issues students may be facing. We give a platform for students to improve their well-being when they may be struggling or scared to speak about the issues which are impacting them.

Tech Club

Meetings: Monday and Fridays after school in room 417

Advisor - Chris Lewick

To teach those who want to learn various technology- related skills.

The Tech Club is open to anyone who has a passion for technology. Anyone who wants to come in and learn from someone who enjoys teaching the subject. If there aren't any club members well-versed on the topic, they may be able to find another person also interested in learning the same topic, and may be able to work with that person.

To allow those who have technology related knowledge to solidify that knowledge by teaching it.

Teaching a topic can help the teacher to better understand the subject, and may offer them a new perspective on the topic. In the case of the Tech Club, teachers will be the members of the club, and won't necessarily be expected to know everything about what they're teaching, but will be encourage to share what the know.

To collaborate on medium to large scale projects of our choosing in order to improve our Skills.

Working together, members of the Tech Club can fine tune their skills by creating useful and/or interesting hardware or software projects. Members can show each other different ways to approach and solve a problem. Some potential projects include designing a website or creating a video game.

The Canvas

Club Description: The Canvas! This is a student run art and literary publication that includes poetry, short stories, and various forms of artwork. Through our winter and spring issues, we seek to expose the creative works of Byram Hills students and faculty.

Contact Information:

Advisor: Mrs. Francine Aber 273-9200 (x4604) faber@byramhills.org or thecanvas@byramhills.org

The Canvas eBoard - check us out online!

The Oracle

is the Byram Hills High School newspaper. We are dedicated to helping students build skills in journalism and public expression, in addition to helping students establish a sense of community. The Oracle publishes new articles online daily throughout the year. Articles focus on issues that concern students in Byram Hills and the community at large.

Email: bhhsoracle@byramhills.net

Website: www.bhhsoracle.org

Facebook: www.facebook.com/bhhsoracle

Advisor: Mrs. Catherine Eshoo ceshoo@byramhills.org

Meetings: Meetings take place on Mondays. Dates are posted in the Google Classroom. Email us at bhhsoracle@byramhills.net to join.

Y. A. C.
(Youth Against Cancer)

Club Description: The primary purpose of YAC is to raise awareness in the school and community about cancer, its prevention, detection and treatment. Throughout the year, the club raises money for the American Cancer Society, Lee National Denim Day, the NWHC Cancer and Wellness Center and the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation. In addition, our members participate in local events sponsored by the American Cancer Society.

Contact Information:
Advisor: David Hubbs and Evan Horowitz

Upcoming Meetings/Events: Meeting days/times will vary. Meetings are announced in the school over the PA system as well as posted throughout the building.

Youth to Youth

Advisor: Ms. Kelly, Student Assistance Counselor

Presidents: TBD

BHHS Y2Y is a club that believes in the power of youth to influence their peers through positive peer pressure. Members of Y2Y pledge to be drug and alcohol free, and work toward influencing their peers to do the same. Activities are focused on raising awareness of the risks associated with drug and alcohol use and making healthy decisions. Participation in Y2Y is open to all BHHS students. Meetings are held at least once a month, after school in the health classroom.