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Organizational Management Apps

Does your student struggle with time management, often thinking that there just aren’t enough hours in the day?

Effective time management allows students to complete more in less time, because their attention is focused and they’re not wasting time on distractions (such as social media, for example.) Efficient use of time also reduces stress, as students check off items from their to-do list. It can also provide a sense of achievement from fulfilling goals.

Thankfully technology is here to help, as there are a large number of apps and websites you can download to increase productivity, check things off the to-do list, and generally be more organized and efficient. 

Here are a few time management apps and websites that will help students say goodbye to procrastination and hello to productivity.

The College Waitlist

In 2021, more than ever before, we know that colleges are using their waitlist. The waitlist puts seniors in a holding pattern with a college. While otherwise admissible, the college doesn’t have a spot for the student, but if one opens up they will gladly offer an acceptance. This can be an uncomfortable grey area for students who are now caught in a college holding pattern.

What are AP Scores used for?

In general, AP scores can be used for college credit, placing out of certain college course requirements,  and to show admissions officers that you have challenged yourself academically in high school. Different colleges use AP scores in different ways, so it is important that you go to a particular college’s website to determine how it uses AP scores. 

What Juniors Can Do Now

The key to crafting the best college applications is time. Students who take the time to reflect on their high school experiences, revisit the writing and revising process, and brainstorm with others, shape the strongest applications.

Regents Exams

The New York State Education Department (NYSED) is not yet aware of whether or not the United States Department of Education (USDE) will act favorably on a waiver request.

Naviance For Freshmen and Sophomores

In April, our 9th and 10th grade students will be introduced to Naviance. Naviance is a college planning and career assessment tool. Self-discovery, career exploration and college and career preparation tools are available for students through Naviance Student.

College of the Month

College of the Month will be a monthly series where we explore a college or university selected by the counselors. Oftentimes, this institution is overshadowed by peer institutions, however this college has institutional qualities that are of interest to our students. Our hope is to highlight some of the features that make this college or university the College of the Month

Course Selection 2021-2022 Update

Now that students have completed their elective course selection, any changes that need to be made can be done through the school counselors. Students should reach out if they have any questions or concerns.

Test-Optional...Is It Real?

Only 44 percent of those who applied to college through the Common Application for 2020-2021 submitted SAT or ACT scores. That represents a substantial decline from last year, which was 77%. The Common App processes applications from more than one million students a year.