The Advisor Newsletter

Dropping A Course

With the end of the first semester approaching, some students may consider dropping a course to lighten their academic load.

Featured College

A Featured College is a college that we choose to explore to highlight some features that make the college interesting or noteworthy. Oftentimes, this institution is overshadowed by peer institutions, however this college has institutional qualities that may be of interest to our students. Our hope is to highlight some of the features that make this college or university the Featured College.

Student Faculty Communication

There’s no denying that teachers play an integral role in any student’s high school experience. Of course, first and foremost, they are the ones responsible for delivering the educational material that you’ll need to learn. Beyond that, they can serve as advisers, coaches, and mentors throughout your high school years. Maintaining good relationships with your teachers is important for several reasons.

New Year Resolutions

A new year resolution is meant to change something in life on the occasion of the new year. Students may have resolutions specific to school, studying and organization. 

Withdrawing College Applications

Why is it important to withdraw all applications to colleges once you have accepted an offer of admission to a college or university?

Looking for Scholarships?

Sifting through college scholarships to find ones that are a good fit can be a daunting task. The counselors are often asked how to find scholarships. Ideally, students can apply for scholarships at the college they will attend. Additionally, local scholarships are made available to the School Counseling Department and they are posted on the Senior Guidance Google Classroom. Students should check the Classroom weekly for new postings.

BHHS Leadership Positions

One of the advantages of becoming a senior is the opportunity to lead the school community. Whether you are interested in the Mentor program, Peer Leadership, Teaching Assistant or Big Brother/Big Sister, there are opportunities for different types of leadership experiences.

De-Stress During Winter Break

The natural break that comes this time of year is an opportunity for students to prioritize their well-being. It is a time to limit screen time, be more active and enjoy activities that are sometimes neglected.