The Advisor Newsletter

High School Transcript

High school course selection will begin in January so it is an important time to consider what courses a student should take. Each course a student takes will appear on the high school transcript.

NCAA Student-Athletes

High school student-athletes must follow specific guidelines to qualify for competing at the collegiate level in NCAA Division I and II sports.

Junior Parent College Night

We have begun the process of meeting juniors for the purpose of college planning. In an effort to provide Junior families with comprehensive information about the college process, we invite you to an in-person Junior Parent College Night on Tuesday, November 22 at 7PM in the high school theater.

Self-Care for Adults

Despite our best intentions, it can be unsettling for a child to witness the anxiety of their parent. The transmission of anxiety from parent to child is not inevitable and strategies can be learned in order to avoid this. For this reason, and many others, it is important to prioritize our own self-care.

Featured College

A Featured College is a college that we choose to explore to highlight some features that make the college interesting or noteworthy. BHHS school counselors have visited this school within the last year. They may share trends and other rich information about this college or university. Our hope is to highlight some of the features that make this college or university the Featured College.

How to send first quarter grades to colleges

If a senior would like his/her first quarter marking period report card sent to colleges and universities, they should submit a request form which requires the permission of their parent(s). Teacher comments will not be included on report cards that are sent to colleges and universities.


The Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, became available on October 1 for students attending college in the Fall of 2023 and can be found at  The FAFSA allows students to be considered for federal student aid and many New York State and private grants and scholarships.

WCC Application Day

On Tuesday, November 1, Westchester Community College will visit Byram Hills High School and offer students the opportunity to apply. Students will get the application fee waived.