The Advisor Newsletter

Summer Programs for High School Students

Participating in summer programs can be an excellent way for students to acquire the skills and experiences that colleges and employers often seek in applicants.

The College List

Starting the process of searching for colleges is a very thrilling time for a high school student. In their junior year, students, along with their counselor, create a list of colleges.

Elective Courses

The elective course selection for the 2024-2025 school year has been completed by the students. In case your child would like to change a course or has not selected their electives, they should get in touch with their counselor as soon as possible. 

Healthy College Talk

Always looking for ways to support a climate of care in our school, the Challenge Success steering committee has created the following infographic entitled "Healthy College Talk". 

Letter of Continued Interest

College admission deferrals and wait lists can be frustrating. It can leave a student feeling that they don't know how to prove to a college that they really want to attend and that they can be successful at the college or university.

Featured College

A Featured College is a college that we choose to explore to highlight some features that make the college interesting or noteworthy. BHHS school counselors have visited this school within the last year. They may share trends and other rich information about this college or university. Our hope is to highlight some of the features that make this college or university the Featured College.

Communicating with Faculty

There’s no denying that teachers play an integral role in any student’s high school experience. Of course, first and foremost, they are the ones responsible for delivering the educational material that you’ll need to learn. Beyond that, they can serve as advisers, coaches, and mentors throughout your high school years. Maintaining good relationships with your teachers is important for several reasons.