Principal's Message

Middle school is a unique developmental time in our students’ lives. As they begin a “beeline” towards independence, they also require the structures, care and support to be successful in this adolescent journey. H.C. Crittenden Middle School whole-heartedly embraces our role in your children’s lives. Our mission is to guide them through their academic, social and emotional transition to becoming young adults. Come into our community and you’ll find students active and engaged in the direction of all components of their education. During their academic classes, lunch, recess, the morning announcements and after school activities, students’ voices can be heard and students’ choices are valued.

To guide our work for the school year, our faculty and staff have developed a question that captures our work:

“How do we, at H.C. Crittenden, create an active learning community in which everyone is empowered to take risks and to embrace rigor, while maintaining a balanced, healthy mindset?”

This question reflects the importance we place on developing a community of learners - both adults and students - who are encouraged to take risks and who are appropriately challenged to grow. Most importantly, we wish to develop our ability to support the emotional well being of our students and faculty. Research supports what we already know, that emotionally healthy students provides the greatest opportunity to access their ability to learn. We are committed to finding a balance in our students’ lives.

It is my honor to be a member and the leader of our outstanding middle school faculty. We encourage you to be active partners in all aspects of your child’s education; we value your feedback and look forward to working with you to further enhance your child’s middle school journey.

With appreciation,

Kim J. Lapple
Principal, H.C. Crittenden Middle School



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HCC News

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In March, grade 8 students participated in the HCC Person of the Year project, choosing and researching someone who inspired them.

Grade 5 and Grade 8 Move Up

On June 18, 2021, Wampus celebrated eight Grade 5 Moving-Up Ceremonies on the outdoor deck generously donated by the Byram Hills Education Foundation. On June 14, 2021, the Grade 8 Moving-Up Ceremony was held on the field at the high school for the first time in Byram Hills history.

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