HCC News

Grade 8 Moving Up

On a hot day in June, bobcat spirit filled the air, as administrators, faculty, and staff stood along the front of H.C Crittenden Middle School and eighth-graders and their families drove by in a procession designed to honor the students. Cars were covered with balloons, banners, and messages of thanks for the HCC teachers.  Teachers cheered saying good-bye and good luck to the students as the line of cars drove by - a touching tribute to the class of 2024.

Later that evening, a more formal virtual Moving-Up Ceremony was held via live-stream.  It was here that Ms. Kim Lapple, Principal of H.C. Crittenden, addressed the graduates from the grade eight hallway and spoke of how this class built a community through “voice and choice.”  “We asked for honest feedback and respectful dialogue and you guys did just that. You had a genuine interest in bettering HCC and your actions have set a high bar for future classes.”

“We all know how important 20/20 vision is for the eyes to see clearly but know that this concept of 2020 vision applies to the lessons we have all learned during the 2020 school year,” said Ms. Lapple. “Never stop pursuing community building, creativity, or empathy. If you hold these life lessons close to your heart, your 2020 vision will be more clear and more powerful than ever.” 

Mr. Christopher Walsh, Byram Hills High School Principal, said “We were fortunate to have this class join us at the high school for orientation on March 10th, the last day the schools were open.  Now we have 175 days until you all become 9th graders and we can’t wait to have you with us.”  To conclude the ceremony, Mr. Walsh officially and happily accepted the class of 2024.