Principal's Message

Dear Community Members,

Welcome to Wampus! Wampus is a special place along the K-12 continuum in Byram Hills. These years are a special time in the development of our children because it is during this stage where children develop independence, self-awareness, peer relationships and more complex academic challenges. We take great pride in educating the whole child at Wampus to be the leaders of the next generation!

Creating the leaders of tomorrow begins with the foundational knowledge that is acquired through a child’s daily experiences at Wampus. Our fundamental job is to support the transition of dependent learning experiences obtained during their years in the primary school setting to independent learning experiences that await them in middle school. At Wampus, our children develop confidence, self-awareness, and compassion for others. This is a deliberate part of our plan, and it prepares our children for new experiences that await them at HCC Middle School.

As our children prepare for middle school, they will acquire adequate self-management mechanisms and responsibility skills. They will have developed a social skills’ system to help them be confident, discerning and well-adjusted middle schoolers. As our children mature through the years at Wampus, they establish a sense of identity and become competent, self-aware, and independent children prepared to embark on the second half of their educational journey as a Byram Hills Student.

The role of every faculty and staff member at Wampus is to support our children as they recognize their full capability in cognitive, social and emotional development. The goal for every child is to develop confidence and kindness to make their world a better place today than it was yesterday, and the world a better place tomorrow than it is today.

I welcome you and your family to Wampus. I look forward to getting to know your children and watching them grow.

David Mack
Principal, Wampus Elementary School


Wampus News

New Seating Options at Wampus Offer Fifth Graders Flexibility and Comfort, Thanks To The BHEF

At Wampus Elementary School, fifth graders are not just learning at their classroom desks. They can relax in a cushioned floor seat and adjust the backrest to feel just right, or they can sit with a few friends on a small, comfy bench to read independently or collaborate on a project. They can also work at a standing desk and take advantage of the swinging footrest to release extra energy.

Wampus Students Thrive

Students have flourished in unexpected ways at Wampus during the past year. “A life-long lesson from this experience was not to take anything for granted and be grateful for what you have,” said Mrs. Peggy McInerney, Wampus Principal.

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