About the Wampus Library

Hours: 8:10 - 3:10 Monday - Friday

Mission Statement

The Wampus Library supports instruction in Byram Hills by providing high quality resources on topics of both curricular and personal interest to students with a diverse range of needs. Through the use of print, technological, digital, and visual resources, the library program's goals are to teach students how to begin to conduct research by accessing, evaluating and using information as well as to guide them in appreciating and thinking critically about fiction and nonfiction texts.

Borrowing Books

Students are encouraged to visit the library at any time. We loan two items at a time to third and fourth graders and three to fifth graders. The loan period on all materials (books, magazines and audio-books) is one week and materials must be brought in from home to be renewed.

Friendly Faces in the Library

Our goal is to encourage and support our students as they grow as readers and to help them develop a lifelong love for reading and learning.

Erin Meyer & Jessica Murti, Librarians