Fifth Grade English Language Arts


English Word Information Find the Ancient Latin or Greek origin of words in the English language.

It's Greek to Me! Find out how the Greek language has influenced ours by playing in the Olympic Games!

Vocabulary Games Play all sorts of word games on this fun, interactive site!

General Language Arts

Concrete Poetry Have fun creating your own concrete poetry. Use the pictures and words they provide or create your own!

Interactive Language Arts Find some great tools to use in your writing - cause and effect, point of view, main idea, and more!

Interactive Story Mapping Use this interactive tool to help you organize your story writing.

Maggie's Game Zone Find some great interactive language arts games.

MysteryNet Learn about what makes a mystery and try to solve your.

News Flash Five Use this interactive PBS site to become a news correspondent and write your own news stories. Check out news stories other kids have written in the archives.

Skillswise Words - Making Sentences & Spelling This site from the BBC has fun games to help students with sentence skills.

Verb Tense Introduction Here is a site to help teach you all the simple, past and present forms of verbs that you could possibly want to know!

Wordle Create cool word "clouds" on this interactive site!

Writing Titles Use this handy tool to help you create interesting titles to your stories and essays.


Discovery Girl Get a taste of this magazine's features: advice, speaking out, health and beauty and your most embarrassing moments!

National Geographic for Kids This wonderful magazine is online for you to use to find information on social studies and science.

National Geographic Explorer Discover all sorts of fun facts about animals, space and our world on this online magazine.

Owl Magazine Sample some articles such as World Watch, giving your opinion about issues concerning kids and a mystery to solve.

Quotation Sites

BrainyQuotes Not only can you find quotes by topic and author, there is also information about the authors and links to sites about them.

The Quote Garden Find a quote by a famous person on almost any subject!

Quotes and Famous Sayings Search for quotes by topic, author or quote itself.

Mrs. Passman's Historical Fiction Topics

The Dust Bowl

The Dust Bowl of the 1930s Get an overview of the period known as The Dust Bowl, and watch videos of people who tell us what it was like to live through it.

Dust Bowl This site offers a brief definition, history and lengthy timeline of this period in time.

Dust Bowl Photographs See why it was called the Dust Bowl through stark photographs from the time.

Ellis Island & Immigration

America's Story Library of Congress offers a timeline and text about immigration and Ellis Island.

Ellis Island An in-depth look into Ellis Island - the first stop in the United States for many immigrants.

Ellis Island National Monument A brief history of Ellis Island is given on this official national park site.

Interactive Tour of Ellis Island See what Ellis Island looked like back in the late 1800's and early 1900's. Site offers audio, video and great photos.

The Great Depression

Freedom: A History of the US This PBS site explains the causes of the Great Depression and how it affected all Americans.

The Great Depression Find an in-depth description of this time period, complete with informative links to depression-era terms and photos.

The Stock Market Fell you will find a timeline, information and photos of the period in this part of the Library of Congress's American Story series.

Oregon Trail

Info Please: The Oregon Trail Get the basic facts about the Oregon Trail in this encyclopedia article from the Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia.

Which Way to Go? This ThinkQuest site created by students is chock full of great information.


Pathways to Freedom Learn about slavery and the Underground Railroad.

Slavery and the Making of America Find out what slavery was like in the United States during different times in history and read personal accounts by slaves.

The Underground Railroad: Escape from Slavery Find out what it was like to be a slave and plan your escape on this interactive site from Scholastic.

Persuasive Essay Topics


Animal Cruelty

American Humane Association See what this association does to help animals in all sorts of inhumane conditions.

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Find out what the issues are and how you can help.

How Do We Stop Thrill Killing? This article talks about how teens in the US kill wild animals just for fun.

Paws Patrol Did you know that there are special police who rescues pets who are abused? Read about it in this article.

Animal Testing

Animal Experimentation This web page offers both sides of the debate over using animals to test drugs in the UK.

Animal Research: Right or Wrong? Is it right to test drugs on animals if it means saving the lives of humans or is it wrong to give animals diseases in order to test these drugs?

Are Ape Rights the Next Frontier? Is it right to use apes in experiments when they have emotions similar to humans?


Aggression & Roughness

Bad Sports This article talks about how violence is increasing between players in professional sports.

Foul Play What happens when players get violent during a game and who suffers?

Whatever happened to Sportsmanship? This article focuses on events at abasketball event between the Detroit Pistons and Indiana Pacers that caused fans to question the players attitudes.


Anything to Win? Six famous athletes give their thoughts about what it is like to play to win.

Poor Sports Is playing a sport all about winning or is it about playing the game well?

Winning Isn't Everything Vince Lombardi, coach of the Green Bay Packers claimed that "winning was the only thing" - but is it?


Natural Disasters

Losing Ground This article talks about the destruction New Orleans from both Hurrican Katrina and the recent oil spill.

Message from Mother Nature Is global warming causing more frequent natural disasters? This article discusses this issue.

Extreme Australia Extreme weather and other natural disasters occur in Australia, but lately they have been more extreme. Are they caused by a buildup of greenhouse gases?

Troubled Treasures – What is Putting Important World Landmarks at Risk?

According to a report by the Centre for Future Studies, the risks that threaten several landmark areas include global warming, stronger hurricanes which could threaten the plant and animal species, and tourists who damage the coral reefs.


Benefits of Exercise

Why Exercise is Wise This article both the rewards and physical benefits exercise brings to you.

Why Exercise is Cool Aerobic exercise strengthens your heart and you breathe in more oxygen for your cells. Other types of exercise can strengthen other muscles or increase your flexibility so you feel better.

Benefits of Exercise for Children Physical fitness, confidence and stronger self-esteem, having more energy and better memory, and simply to feeling good about themselves are only some of the benefits that exercise can have for children that are easy to achieve.

Healthy Eating vs Junk Food

Eat Up! Kids who went to the White House to plant, harvest and eat fruits and vegetables from the White House garden talk about how these foods are good for you.

Every Body Eats Educate yourself about how junk food companies try to get you to eat their food and play interactive games about healthy eating.

Food for Thought Four athletes tell how they realized that healthy eating helps keep their bodies healthy.

Food Smarts This site from PBS offers many pages of great advice about what you eat, how to choose good food and how to educate yourself on reading food labels. Follow the links at the bottom of the page.

Tony Gonzalez: Fueling Up With Healthy Food NFL Superstar Gonzales tells how he changed his eating habits, what types of foods he eats and gives advice on eating healthy.

Health Epidemics/Flu

The Flu This site from Kids Health tells you all about the flu, and how the US Center for Disease Control is helping people avoid getting the Swine Flu.

Geo Skills: Tracking H1N1 This article compares the virulent strains of both H1N1 and the epidemic Spanish flu of 1918 and how both of them were spread.

Influenza This site from the Center for Disease Control gives facts about this disease and how to avoid getting sick.


Are Americans Getting Too Heavy? This article looks at how children are becoming obese through lack of exercise and poor eating habits.

Plumped Up Portions This article talks about how kids are becoming obese due to eating way too much.

Pound for Pound Find out how one teen fought her obesity and won through diet change and exercise.

What is Obesity? This site from Kid's Health defines obesity and allows you to determine if a person is obese. Scroll down to the bottom of the article to find other articles on obesity.


Conservation of Water

Beyond Thirst This article talks about how global warming may affect the world's water supply and how some countries now have little water.

Water Sense Kids This site from the Environmental Protection Agency gives the basics about conserving water.

Water Kids This site educates you about the water cycle and how we can preserve water on earth.

English Language Arts Test Prep

English Language Arts Test Prep Go to this New York State Education Department to take a sample test. For grades 3-8.

Interactive Reading Comprehension Polish all your skills in interpreting your reading on this very detailed site!

Interactive Storytelling

Scholastic: Story starters adventures!

Storyline Online An on-line video streaming programing featuring SAG members reading childrens book aloud!

My Story Maker Use this site to create your own picture book!

Storyjumper This site is a place to create and discover stories for kids!

Powtoons Great presentation site!