Fifth Grade Social Studies


CultureGrams Learn facts about countries all around the world on this site from ProQuest.

Test your Geography Knowledge Test your geography skills identifying where the different states and capitals are in America!

Latin America Geographia Find out information on countries in Latin America on this site.

Place the State Help Ben Franklin by putting the states on the right place on the map of the United States. There are three levels to challenge yourself with.

National Geographic Wide World Use this map to discover all about different regions in the world: the terrain, the wildlife and plantlife.

The World Factbook Find out information on countries in Latin America on this site.

Social Studies Performance Task

World of Education: Canada Learn everything you need to know about every province in Canada.


Central/South America

Incan & Mayan Writing Did the Incans have a writing system? The Mayans used hieroglyphic symbols written on paper to communicate.

History of Paper This site contains a reference of the Aztec use of paper. It states that the Aztecs independently developed paper at the same time as the Europeans.

Mayan Book Making This site describes the way Mayans used paper and contains a Mayan paper recipe (this site contains challenging text. Ask your teacher for help if you have trouble using it).

Aztec and Maya Papermakers Aztec and Maya paper and book production.

Aztec Codices This Wikipedia site tells how the Aztecs made codices or books. You can see pages from some of these books from the 14th-16th centuries.

North America (Canada, United States)

Native American Picture Writing Learn how some Native Americans communicated.

History of Paper Making This Maine site tells the history of papermaking in Maine and Canada.


Ancient Aztecs Learn about this ancient civilization on this ThinkQuest site written by three students.

The Aztecs This British site from an elementary school shows how the Aztecs lived.

Aztec Mythology Learn about the gods and godesses the Aztecs worshipped on this site from the University of Michigan.

The Fall of the Aztecs This great PBS site shows how the contact with the Cortes was the beginning of the end of the Aztec civilization.


Canadian Settlement Discover who the first settlers were in the different parts of Canada.

Prime Minister's of Canada Learn what it's like to be in charge of such a large country, how they got there and past prime ministers.


Conquistadors Follow the paths of many of the Conquistadors as they conquer land in Mexico, South America and North America on this excellent PBS site.

Explorers & Exploration This database from Marshall Cavendish offers biographies of many explorers along with maps, timelines, great pictures and histories of civilizations.

John Cabot

Explorers of the Millennium-John Cabot This ThinkQuest site includes many different explorers, a timeline and links.

John Cabot Find out about this explorer on this student made site from ThinkQuest.

Bernal Diaz del Castillo

Bernal Diaz del Castillo Find out what little is known about this explorer from this online encyclopedia.

Samuel de Champlain

Explorers of the Millennium - Samuel de Champlain Learn about the father of New France on this ThinkQuest site.

Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus, Spanish Explorer Read this journal written by students that tell of Columbus's journey to the New World here.

The Explorers of the Millennium Follow the route of this explorer on this ThinkQuest site.

Christopher Columbus - a Culinary History Ever wonder what Columbus and his men ate on their voyages? Well, find out all about it here!

Francisco Vasquez de Coronado

Francisco Vasquez de Coronado Discover the facts about this explorer on this ThinkQuest site.

Hernan Cortes

Hernando Cortez This student made site tells all about this explorer's life and accomplishments.

Hernan Cortes Arrives in Mexico Discover what happened when Cortes crossed into Mexico on this PBS site.

Francisco Pizarro

Francisco Pizarro Read about the conquerer of the Inca Empire on this site.

Francisco Pizarro, Spanish Explorer Learn the history of this explorer's voyage and conquest of the Incas on this site created by students.

Gold Rush

All About the Gold Rush Learn all about what it was like to go gold digging during this time period on this site.

The California Gold Rush Choose which facts you want to learn on this site.

The Gold Rush Find out about the Gold Rush on this interactive site from PBS.

The Gold Rush Get the scoop on the Gold Rush from this site from California's Oakland Museum.

Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam Find out facts about this magnificent dam on this official site.

The Hoover Dam Learn about this dam on The American Experience site by PBS.

Incas and Peru

Descendents of the Incas This site presents the rich culture of the Inca people living today with a focus on a village market and the weavings that are sold there.

Hispanic History in the Americas Use an interactive map to trace Spanish influences in the Americas.

Latin America This virtual museum from the Brooklyn's Children's Museum, Brooklyn Museum of Art and the Brooklyn Public Library explores all different aspects of Latin American history and culture.

Learn About Peru This site presents information on Peru, its people and the Incas.

Lewis and Clark

Discovering Lewis and Clark Go along with Lewis and Clark on their expedition. Read biographies and journal excerpts of the explorers and learn about the people and wildlife they encountered.

Go Across America with Lewis & Clark Take the journey along with Lewis & Clark, make decisions about what to do and share their experience on this interactive site by National Geographic.

Lewis and Clark Expedition: Create Your Own Adventure Take the journey that Lewis and Clark took yourself, make decisions and decide your route

National Geographic: Lewis and Clark Follow the route Meriwether Lewis and William Clark took on their expedition across the United States by looking at journal entries, photos, drawings, and maps.

Lewis and Clark - Cyberhunt

Go West Across America Find out what Lewis and Clark's expedition goals were on this site put out by National Geographic.

Lewis and Clark- To Equip an Expedition Now that you have learned from this site what Lewis and Clark packed, find out what gifts they brought as well on this PBS site.

Lewis and Clark- Members of the Crew Discover all the people who went on the journey on this National Geographic site.

Lewis and Clark- Native Americans Lewis and Clark met many Native American tribes on their journey west. Use this PBS site to name a few.

Lewis and Clark- Route Discover which states Lewis and Clark went through as they went west on this National Park Service site.


Mexico for Kids This site, from the presidency of the Republic of Mexico, has everything you want to know, including history, government, games and more.

Panama Canal

Panama Canal Discover the history behind this canal and the part Theodore Roosevelt played on this site from PBS.

Panama Canal Museum Find photographs and maps along with the story of the building of this famous canal.

Transcontinental Railroad

Transcontinental Railroad Use this site to track the race for the finish as well as the impact the railroad had on the Native Americans on this PBS site.