Fourth Grade Math & Science


Arcademic Skill Builders This site has cool math racing games! Use your math skills to solve problems and beat the other racers.

Create a Graph This site will help you create your own bar, line, pie, or area graph.

Decimal Games Choose a level to play with these interactive decimal games!

Everything You Wanted to Know About Perimeter and Area Play this game to learn all about figuring out perimeter and area!

Math Drill Sheets Use this site to print out math worksheets for any math function or any age!

Math is Fun! Check out this site to find out everything mathematical as well as solve some puzzles.

Math Live Have fun with math viewing these cartoons starring Hank, Joe, Anna and Chelsea as they solve math problems in real life.

Test Prep

Grade 3-4 Math Skills Practice different math skills in the various subject areas on this site.


Test Prep

Science Test Prep Here is a great site to help you study for the science assessment test!


Science Clips Choose a science topic, then do an interactive activity to test your knowledge!


Africanized Honey Bees Find your grade level, then choose a topic to learn about. Find out all about bees including anatomy, hive relationships and defenses.

Nature: Alien Empire Discover facts about bees and how they live on this great site from PBS!


Bouyancy Basics This site from NOVA teaches you the basics of bouyancy and includes some bouyancy brainteasers.

Chemicals & Elements

Chem 4 Kids Learn about matter, atoms, and elements at this online site.


Measure It! Use this interactive site to help you learn how to go metric!

Length Strength Have fun using this virtual ruler to measure things in centimeters.


Fast Plants You can learn what makes up a plant, how to grow one and more on this site.

The Great Plant Escape Learn all about plant life as you help Professor LePlantsolve mysteries on this site.

The Life Cycle of Plants Use this site to discover how plants work -from seed to dispersal. Includes worksheets and plant identification.

Simple Machines

Edheads - Simple Machines Look in both the house and tool shed on this interactive site to find simple machines.

Simple Machines See samples of six different machines and see if you can discover what type of machine many common objects are on this site.

Steve Tomecek, The Dirtmeister Check our simple machines in theDirtmeister's Science Reporters!


Astronomy for Kids Use this site to find out about the solar system, deep space, space exploration and more!

Earth Science Enterprise This site from NASA tells how the organization studies how people affect the earth, and monitors changes in the earth's air, water cycles, land as well as natural hazards. - Space Use this page to find links to sites about space.

New Science: A Change of Season Find out the important role the earth's trip around the sun plays in causing our seasons to change.

SciLinks Use this site to help make projects to make a sundial, find out what makes the seasons happen and more!

The Space Place This site from NASA answers questions about space, has lots of space games and even an interview with a space scientist! You can also see projects that kids from other schools are making about space.

Solar System Fasten your seat belts and take a virtual tour of the solar system on this National Geographic site.

Star Child Learn all about space and the planets in our solar system on this NASA site.

Windows to the Universe Explore the planets in our solar system, discover facts about the Earth and learn more about the Universe on this great site.

Mrs. Faughnan

Telling Time

What Time is It? Read time on an analog clock and match it to a digital clock in this telling time game.

Stop the Clock! Play match the digital times with the analog clock times. How fast can you do it?

Bang on Time! Beat the clock in this speed challenge to match the name of the time as the hands move around the clock!


Visual Fractions Identify the fraction by looking at a pie picture. Type in the numerator and denominator. How many can you get right?


Shopping Spree Pick the item that you would like to buy. Then choose the correct amount of coins you need to pay for that item. This game has 10 questions.

Making Change Figure out how many of each coin or bill you expect to get back when you pay for something. You can choose your level: easy, medium, hard or super brain. See how far you can go!

Math Facts

Math Baseball Answer a math problem and hit the "Swing" button. You can get a single, double, triple or home run depending on the difficulty of the problem. See how many home runs you can get! You can play with two players.

Bunny Count Match the number of bunnies with the numbers. You can choose your level.

Place Value

Place Value Puzzler Click on the correct digit of a number to match the place value given in the game. You can select you level of difficulty.


Shape Surveyor Calculate the area or perimeter of the rectangle. For each problem you get correct, you will receive a piece of an archaeological puzzle.

iknowthat Play games with shapes, matching them and creating them. You can choose your level.